Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, November 30

(somebody's committed to making me sneeze this morning. ... and I count three chins... quick call GQ)

Hello! November 30?

K, so I've been up for thee hours. So far, I've had a "misty morning", "brilliant sunshine", "gray skies", "hail", "driving rain", and ... now we're waiting for locust I guess.

There is something altogether calming about being able to see trees and a distant horizon when you look out your window. It
~ stuff I slept in... showers coming up...
~ grabbed jeans and a red fuzzy.
~ dress 'em, feed 'em, and zoom one of them to school...
~ quick trip to a "lab" to have geo stuck with a needle and bleed into wee viles. Boy he sure loved that.... :(
~ home again, after geo gets dropped at school, and groceries get dropped in my trunk. (Perimeter Groceries - PG - so it's all 'good food'.. hence... no junk in my trunk!)
~ a day of creating, editing and interpreting my bosses red pen.
~ try to do some christmas light stuff ... ghastly long story about why it's not done now, but such are the slings and arrows of making-up-ones-mind. :)
~ tonight... survivor night and moving the freezer (in anticipation of cutting a new door downstairs)
~ that joei gets up from that slump and gets a whole lot of something to appreciate. :)
~ for krazyleesa to lose that head-boomer...
~ and that darkbay ... and her broken ankle... discover the joys of isometric exercises. :)

Birthday moment...
Happy Birthday little'bee.... (cloverbee) May the day bring you wee smiles and the year keep you in a spirit of wide wonder. :)

Damn russians are at it again... looks like Puten arranged to have one of the Wiggles take'en out.
They'll be testing for radiation poisoning.
oh the humanity.

Let me get this straight...
Because Oprah, (her royal highness), had an affair with a married man ages ago, she figures the hen hanging off her left shirt-tail (Gail? Is it gail?) must must must leave her husband pronto because he confessed an indiscretion? Now I don't know any of the gory... maybe he's been the bang-bang king at all night midget orgies... I dunno... but I do know that if Oprah tells one of her lackies to "bark-like-a-dog... a big dog" they'll be howling in the ready-rooms. Clearly, her personal experience at being a home wrecker makes her the go-to-girl on how to save a marriage.

** Purrrcy rant ** aka "WWPS"
You wimp!! Typical human. You spend all night staring at the little arrow... clearly terrified of ever making a play for it... and yet when I come up, assess the danger, and take decisive action... you freak out. I think the phrase is "unceremoniously turfed from your desk" applies here... just because I have the courage actually approach the big bright flat thing, and to grab at the little demon! You are a slave to it's mezmer white boy. Either grow a claw... get yourself some back bone, or leave off with the interference when I go for it! The little arrow must die... DIE, I TELL YOU!

k... time to be worker boy... enjoy'en the view. :)

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