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c ya ... I hope I get to post on the weekend. I hope my LJ friends enjoy their weekends... Here's a recommended strategy:

- play with a tiny little child for a few minutes (at least),
- sleep on a big comfy chair for a bit,
- pass on part of meal to make room for a great dessert *,
- FIND and play a song you absolutely loved when you were in high school,
- tell someone they look great**,
- kiss yourself in the mirror (just once even though its silly) and yes use your tongue
- randomly find someones LJ and read everything they said that day and post a great big THANK YOU to their sight.

* I just cannot get that word to stick in the frontal lobes... I do not mean "leaving" or "lots of sand".
** preferably a total stranger but it'd be nice if your mate could hear and believe you saying that too!


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