Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, November 28

Yeah, so I wake up with the radio... enjoy it till the meeeep meeeep meeeep thing starts... hit snooze... and then (oops) hopped in the shower. Well I heard the meeep meeep start up again, but I was in the shower by then so I figured... you know, someone else will have to get it.
.... soooo, I finish my shower, dry off, comb my hair (stop laughing) and then go SHUT THE ALARM OFF. Suz, and both boys are sawing away on our king ... not 8 feet away from the meeep'er. Nothing... not even a mouse. Just... WOW! These guys would sleep through the smoke alarm. (hmmm... I think I'll test that !! LOL!)

b-b-b-b-b-busy day so far. :)
Had a great go-with meeting this morning (hence blazzzzzer) that just may turn into an important contract (weee)... and was called in for first thing tomorrow for another contract meeting. The horizon looks bright. :)

It's a gray november day... cept... it's getting kinda warmer (sorry West Coasters). They're calling for double digits tomorrow???? wowza.

~ another new pair... gray.
~ was... in dk gray trousers, dk blue turtleneck, and blazzzzzer.
~ now? ... beige p-z jeans, a t and a warm sweatshirt. :)
~ same ol'same'ol for the wake up routine... kids food and drive... my car almost autopilots to their school...
~ then big flip out getting downtown to go to a very serious business meeting with a new client... I was a tag-along to a couple of senior "business development" types... (aka sales). This totally opened up a new window of opportunity ... now I just gotta see if I fit through it... and if the client is really opening the window... or just goofing around. :)
~ now I'm home and I have to burn through getting some docs ready to send through sales to this client. Like... 10 minutes ago. :)
~ tonight? pork loin roast and I'm fully intending to smile a lot (I have a nice natural high from that meeting).
~ big squishy congratulations out to ladyfire ... who is still away (I think, on her Moon!). Beautiful wedding dress... such a lovely story of renewal and emotional achievement. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Tim (troz1958)... although you may be away at grans... but never-the-less... may the year ahead bring you great happiness. :)
And to hakuai! Happy birthday sugar... I hope you get well "celebrated" on your birthday and that the next year, brings you many wonderful memories.

Hey... d'ya hear??? Iran is going to build a bomb and attack the US in four years. Clearly it's time to bomb the crap out of them, invade and occupy.
Do you get the National Geographic? This months edition has a lovely - sarcasm - long article on war injuries in Iraq among US service men. It's a geeky thing about the nature of the trauma and recovery... and it's painful. Stupid fricking war.

So I was jumping the gun before with the quebec thing... They had unanimously agreed to "talk about it" when I posted earlier on the parliamentary bid to declare Quebec "A Nation within Canada". Well they voted... and passed the Bill! One dip squat actually quit the Conservative (Minority government ruling party) party over this.... because the leader demanded all party members support the bill. Of course, the media is seeking out anyone willing to make like this is a "can of worms". Like this morning... a hockey team in Quebec City wants to be allowed to represent Quebec in some Commonwealth (or something) Games tourney - one team per nation... and now, of course, quebec is a nation. The down side is ... a drain on scarce government funding for sports... The up side... Who cares? Quebec can feed them all the cash they want for their team and if the "games" coordinators don't mind... fill your boots. Tempest in a Tea pot is a phrase that jumps to mind. The nation of Quebec. The Bruce of PEI. The Mango of British Columbia. I'm telling you... it's semantics and totally stupid. Meanwhile, it's about to turn into winter and we have people that actually live on the streets... screw off with your nation crap and lets deal with some real issues. hmmm?

breath breath breath...
juggle juggle juggle...

k... gotta go. :)
see ya.

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