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Sunday, November 26



Holy frick'en busy day yesterday. UP at the crack... had my lovely repaired little zoom zoom - Dora - out to Krown Rust Proofing. A hundred bucks a year to totally rust proof your car? Against a canadian salt encrusted winter? you betcha!! Then... now watch this part 'cuz it's complicated...
Drive to Rona, take cameraphone pics of bathroom fixtures
Drive to Carp home hardware to buy door casing and door stop
Drive home...
Turn around and go back to Carp and return the door stop
Drive to home depot... buy the correct door trim... BUY A RYOBI KICK ASS CORDLESS 18V TWO BAT DRILL... (does a little dance)
Drive to Rona and buy previously photographed bathroom hardware... (towel racks, robe hooks, cloth rings, etc)
Drive home.
and? Totally forget to check at any of the five hardware store visits for the light fixture replacement part that was uncomfortably in my coat pocket the whole time... gah!

Took the kids to my units while we went to be part of the "shhh shh shh... she's coming" crowd at a surprise party. Of course, after "AHHHHHH" the next thing she said was "my house is a mess!" (it wasn't... it was lovely).

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans - bit of a theme lately
~ gap t ... thank you Juan and all the other little kids at the sweat shop...
~ well... in theory? Ed has a "play date" coming over... I'm going to costco, loblaws, wallmart, then home, then mitering door trim, and putting up towel bars in the cool-as-cakes shower. The reality? I'm digesting waffles, Studio-60 (still like it... critics eat me) and talking to you.
~ why the disco between theory and reality? because somebody is still asleep! :) ah well... it's sunday.
~ that my friend, hisbeauty ... has lots of nights like last night... Now if only I could get her to send me some baking...:D
~ to point out that dotcombabe ... is like, a famous chick! :D (go go dot girl)
~ I could sneak over to kay's house for some dinner... but she's a little distant...
~ and for nbbmom to feel all kinds of better. :)

Birthday moments...
From Friday... sorry I missed you oh Fabulous One. Happy Birthday tehdawgfather
And from yesterday... happy birthday paleltlspider
and for today...
Happy birthday Toy (dailymom) and may the year ahead keep you and your family in good health and with great prospects!
and a very happy birthday to astralle... may your days lead to weeks without chaos. :) (or... "have a wonderful year!")
And to my very favorite demolition girl... happy birthday psychomagnet. May there be peace in the lives of the little ones... may there be joy in the pockets of your days... and if the world spins just the way I want it to... may you end up across a table from me some day. :)

My niece goes to Uni on the East Coast... she shot a youtube at the goo goo dolls concert... dude... they were up close. :D
[ :: goo goo dolls halifax :: ]
:D (beams...)

Time to go get Ed dressed and start our "busy sunday". :)
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