Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


So if you use the semagic client, this will make sense.

If you're using xp or 2000, and not using the client...

The "Sema" client is a small program you install
on your computer that provides an easy to use
interface for making and reviewing updates to
your lj, and managing your friends lists.
(these, among a zillion other things it does...)

You can go to the "Sema Windows XP and 2000" Community (called ljwin32_sema)
[ :: here :: ] and see the "download page" link below the first entry on the page.

That link takes you to a mirror site list on "Sourceforge" [ :: here ::]
Across the top you can see "click here" to get sema for windows 95/98/ME and a different link to get sema for windows XP and 2000.
You can also download a dictionary for the program spell checker to use... no jokes please. :)

I'm using version

Under the view menu, there is a selection for "Transparency". This makes your pop up client "see through".
I'm not sure how useful it is... but it sure is neat. :)
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