Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, November 22

Hugely beautiful day!!! Just gorgeous. Cold as all get out... but sunny never the less!
I'm perched at the counter in the kitchen with the laptop and a full bucket of "to do" things that just have to have to get done. grrr.

Exactly why is it that nobody has - as yet - swooped into my life and demanded I accept buckets full of cash for sitting around and playing with toys like Lj and cameras and stuff? hmmm? You'd think there was some rule or something about working for a living.

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans
~ blue p-z top... blue blue. Clearly I have not spent time acting on my desire to wear orange.
~ up and to the school... drop 'em off... stop at a shell station and buy myself an evil krispy kream donut (my parents brought some KK for the boys at dinner last night, and I've been jonesing for one ever since. :)
~ go nuts on work stuff... busy boy time...
~ tonight? can't see that far ahead right now... did I mention the "busy boy" part?
~ I had time to cruise the pages... :( but alas, ear wax!
~ Oh, speaking of ear wax... I saw that Harry Potter OOTP mini trailer. FUN! :)
~ I could get actual control over what ever neurons in my brain make be pick at my thumb. Yes, I know... TMI, (ts). I'm going back on hard core bandaids, moisture lotions, and crap like that until I can stop feeling like the thumb version of Quasimodo. :)

See that picture? I'm smiling. This is a happy me time. Things... work, life, play, kids, family... everything seems to be fitting together quite nicely. Somethings remain puzzle pieces that have not found their proper home and there's just no sense in forcing them in... however that's no nevermind. Right here... right now... happy corto. Is good!

no time... :(
must blaze away in the land of powerpoint slide shows...

Which Hero?
Dude I would totally want to have the Hiro "bend time and space" thing... over all the others. Despite the big fun of flying... or reading minds... Stop time? that totally speaks to my grade six fantasy of having a button that froze everybody and everything... except me. Ah the potential. :)

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