Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, November 21

This is my "so listen..." expression. :D
You know that old saying "Boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses..."
It was made up by an idiot or and ugly woman with glasses.
Zebra has glasses...
Most of the women I know whom I find... dramatically attractive... wear glasses.
And you wanted to know this because...
Well... no reason actually... just sharing.

It's stupid cold outside... yet remarkably brilliant and bright... this giant strange bright yellow ball in the sky is making everything look... you know... not dead.
Sigh... it's been a long November.

~ gray ftls
~ blue jeans... p-z and... I sooo need new jeans
~ bum t and it's comfy. The house is nice and warm. :)
~ Ok... to actually remember to set up the crock pot today. (actually, it's done! phew... pot roast for dinner)
~ work work work on making several slide show decks... fixing up several datasheets and pressing them into pdfs... reviewing several "engagement packages" and making the parts to a new one. All stuff el cid... er... boss man... wants me to do in two days. I, however, am apparently magic twisty boy... so boss wants... boss gets. :)
~ hopefully having my units over for dinner.
~ go for a walk in the woods later...
~ try to watch MI3 before blockbuster starts phoning to say I'm dangerously close to owning the rented dvd. We rented it for a "family movie night". The box read "pg 14 some violence". I figured... ok, they've seen Matrix and LOTR... Then we start the movie and the ratings warning at the start of the flick goes on and on about GORE, SIGNIFICANT AND FRENETIC VIOLENCE, PARENTAL WARNING, 13 YEARS MINIMUM, BLAH BLAH BLAH... and I just couldn't bring myself to letting the kids watch it. So we rented Monster House, watched that... and now, MI3 is waiting for someone to fulfill it's little dvd destiny.
~ that lalaland doesn't have any mail boxes, lovely shrubberies, or garbage cans arrested for attempted B&E... :)
~ for kay to walk the high road and keep her posture during what may be a significant moment... even though it feels rather blustery at the moment...
~ to thank broxelf_ag001... for a few random and unexplained things... You make a difference. :)
~ and to congratulate ouroboros668... on recent achievements... :)

Ok... three different sources of "gossipy news" included reference to the notion that Brook Shields was on the guest list to the TomKat freakshow in the castle (aka, wedding... likely officiated over by a clam). Can someone explain this? Did she actually go? This is Brook "you should just take more vitamins" Shields... right? Colour me confused.

Best moment in Monday Night Television in ... many years: Clair punching that girl (Jennifer?) in the face... Oh My Freaking God... I thought my coffee would shoot right straight out of my nose. Absolutely priceless. Sadly... the skull slicing thing was a bit grizzly and an uneven emotional pay back for her being such a bitch.
More HEROES stuff:
~ how could Dad be working this angle for soooo long... and Mom not have a clue?
~ ohhh... does Hiro get "lost in time?"
~ Check out the sheena easten wanna be and her "you want to sleep now" deal. She's a scary little thing.
~ Did they switch out the black guy married to blondy split personality girl? or has he been the same guy since his introduction?
~ kinda saw that Peter getting arrested thing coming... I frigg'en hope Clair gets in to clear him... grrrr!

gotta git. :)
later sk8r.
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