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Sunday, November 19

So I totally bailed on life last night... I crashed on Eds bed after reading to him (we're almost through "the hobit") and when I woke from that, it was with Geo leaning over me to say "hey!! you're asleep on Eds bed! Get up"... so I went and crashed on his bed... hahaha... Then climbed in my own and stayed there till 8:30. Long long sleep for the likes of me...

I have three days of madness ahead of me... getting client proposal together, and doctoring up a bucket full of promotional material for the office... but - the good news - I get to do it all from the comfort of my little home office. :)

Now... if I can just stop sniffling.
Sigh. I know my body is coming around with the cat allergy thing... but it's a damn slow process.

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans... el rippo fantastico
~ a t and something warm and fuzzy
~ sunday morning rituals of waffles, folding laundry and watching BSG...
~ next up... putting sound insulation in the three-mile-island room.
~ do some updates to my dads web site tonight...
~ other than that? no big plans
~ a little "feel better" vibe for tonya
~ to point out that it's ... November 19th to kimberly27616 :D
~ and to remind doowat that you never actually need a reason to make cookies... you just do it... :)

Birthday moments...
Happy yesterday birthday to kaeren... may the next year bring raging prosperity... and camera to record your victorious moments with. :)
and a very happy birthday today, to elliriel... a dependable, and remarkably kind soul... Have a lovely day Ell... and grand year. , AND to ma shuga-ray!! er... raylenetaskoski. I hope you have a wonderful day... and that the year ahead brings you plenty to smile about... :) Big massive goofy hugs to you ray-bay-beee...

Life is a series of agreements.
It's definitely not a master/servant relationship.
Whether it's the time you trade for money with an employer or the behaviour deals you make in a household to garner the appropriate reactions... it's all about the deal.
I mean... at work, if your employee is pissing you off ... you tell him to change or fire him or whatever. But you cannot "force" them to stop pissing you off. The "being pissed off" part ... is your problem. Not theirs.
If you hate your boss... is it your bosses fault? I mean... you agreed to work for him so ... deal with it or move on.
And in a home? Are your kids your slaves? Are they property? Are they robots mfg'ed to do your bidding? No.
And I'm not talking about "rights" or any of that...
I'm talking about what's real... what works and whats a fabrication of a lazy mind.
Have you read, said, or dealt with "Junior did not do as I told him so I punished him..." before?
What is that? Punish?
Look... Junior is part of a family. He or she behaves a certain way in the home and is rewarded... with a home.... cable tv, a computer, square meals... etc. If junior is not living up to his or her end of the bargain, then ... just remove elements of your side of the deal. Consequences for not playing fair... apply in work, play and home life. "Punishment" is just a short way of describing you don't know what to do...
It's all about making agreements... living up to your end and expecting the same in return. When the deal proves to be uneven... then you pull back or reduce output.
Getting mad... punishing... likely impacts you a whole lot more then the person you're directing your efforts at.
Kinda like international relationtions.
Sadly... there are still a great many "punishment" agendas on the global scene.
Poor examples... and crummy results... yet, the message does not get through to the punishers.
The truth is... sometimes the punisher is only looking for an excuse to flex, and punish... because, sometimes, that's all he or she is really any good at.

Time to "force" edward to get some clothes on. :D

Have a wonderful Sunday.

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