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Friday, November 17... purrrr

It is the eighty-seventh day of my captivity.
My plans to escape are continually dashed by the seemingly random, and idiotic things my captors do.
Observations continue!

There appears to be some kind of jungle in the room behind that glass door near the front of the jail.
Unless I am completely off-base, I suspect they have a variety of plants in there that they expect to keep safe, and alive!
Foolish humans.

~ well... the usual...
~ exceptionally soft fur, lots of white...
~ and distinctive markings that make my superiority obvious.
~ to stay the course on disrupting my captors lives!
~ when the humans sit down to eat, I will sit near the table and lick my ass
~ work on a plan to get into the jungle room, and destroy those precious plants
~ I should be able to take another crap in that little sand box they try so hard to keep clean! muahahahahaha!
~ do that little dance thing for the little boy... he tends to feed me extra when I do that...
~ make yet another attempt to finish off the old ones by diving between their feet on the stairs...
~ I could party with that little furry devil living at meekorouse's house...
~ I was purring and rubbing against wenchlette’s leg... just ‘cuz.
~ the humans would get an electric can opener...
~ to taste the sweet air of freedom.

The female "big one" went to the Animal Torture, Research, and Stabbing Center (ATRSC) again today. I don't know why she wakes up and gets in the takes-you-to-the-ATRSC machine so often. They took me back there just this week... and I was stabbed twice! I tried to kill the researcher, but my human was protecting her. I suspect they may be senior operatives in the cat-capture ring operating in this region. Mr. Big... (or so I like to call him) gets in a smaller one of those machines almost every day but I don't think it takes him to a feline subjugation institution... because he often gets out of the machine with bags full of food.

It appears the Mr. Big, and giant friend of his, are building some special rooms, in what is likely to be some pathetic attempt to please me. They have big noisy tools, long slabs of wood and sheets of ... wall. He appears to be very very busy today working in his basement.

I've decided to take a slightly different tack for a few days and see how it goes... I'll convince them that I am actually "good" and "helpful", by stopping those things that live at the foot of their bed, under the covers, from waking them up or otherwise bothering them, in the early hours before dawn. I think I can actually kill one or two of them... but I have to be able to sink at least two separate claws into it when it's moving, and then bite hard enough to get through the blankets. If I can earn their trust... perhaps I can find a way to kill them faster, or even escape all together.

Meow! :)
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