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Wednesday, November 15

It's all about not falling today. :)
I'm a working boy... no thinking allowed, unless it's totally on-subject.

The rain... is waiting.... but the clouds are having a party.

We're going to go to a parenting workshop after dinner tonight at the community resource center...
You can never stop learning...

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans (for now)
~ a gap t (again... for now...)
~ up and at 'em... boys to school, me to store, get cream! (I like cream in my coffee... and we've been out for days... grr!)
~ work work... I'm hoping I finish this report today. Note the "day" component of that... I hope to be done before dark!
~ go to company meeting 4 - 6...
~ drive to parenting workshop for 6:30... suz and I are going for a skills check. :)
~ find my way to a sofa and go into a coma for ... a while.
~ that angryvixen gives her guardian angel a little kiss.
~ and to send few virtual hugs out to pixiecup... just 'cuz...

Just how many birds are going to fly into the family room window today?
I mean... come on... hello?

problem: cat claws at toilet paper roll... unrolling it, tearing it apart... ug.
solution: is it to remember to close the bathroom door? perhaps devise a complex punishment - reward system to alter the cats behaviour? buy another scratching post that looks like a roll of tp?
no... just turn the darn toilet paper roll over... now scratching at it... doesn't unroll it. d'uh...

k... gotta git.

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