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Tuesday, November 14

You know in the "future movies" made in the 80's... there were always androids involved? Evil androids running the ship... docile androids cleaning the house... sexy androids turning on the good guys... And in all cases... the androids had bald heads... with a wig (of course).

Yeah, well we just elected one to run the city.
Our new mayor.

You decide... Is he the evil, housekeeping, or sexi android?
Bwaahahahahahahaha... :)

I voted for the little gay guy... oh well. :)

Either way... we're winners here in O-town.
We've got rid of Mr. I-know-whats-good-for-everyone. Bu-bye Bobby.

It's a gray day... it's november. No big surprise. :)

~ black ftls
~ dark gray trousers
~ very black t...
~ beige SSBUS
~ z'blazzzer. :) but no tie... it's not monday! :)
~ drive boys to school... go in and see Eds teacher because he hurt his ankle something fierce last night... so he's "limping boy" today...
~ zoom zoom... in my BROKEN mazda (cries) and do more of exactly what I was doing until 11:30 last night ... except I'm doing here, where I have to pay by the cup for coffee... gah!!! I sooooooooooooooo love working from home.
~ no doubt, again with the late night and the almost done final report. It's really coming together as something kinda cool... this will make a great "repeatable engagement". :)
~ I could take the next two weeks off... no really... I need to get my brain in order.
~ that my wonderful friend, honuhoney... has a great day!!! :)
~ to point out that - although we rarely talk - I have vast and goofy respect and admiration for towanda... because... she truly does think like a human being!
~ I get time to do a bunch of christmas cards... and a special one to notcharming... :)
~ to dance around in a circle with murflegirl... just because... :D

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to phatmommadee, a woman who... only sneaks in and out of her journal. :) Have a great year sugar... and may your goals be quickly turned to your accomplishments. :)
and a big birthday wish for Mr. Moose. :) (moosifer) May the year ahead be littered with the good times you chalk up and may none of them leave you at the clinic. :D

talk TV.
I think it would border on a mania, if I was to like that little Hiro guy any more than I already do. :)
... and is it possible that... cheerleader dad guy... is actually a good guy? I always felt like he was one of those plants ... slipped in during the ominous moments to mislead us. Time will tell... OMFG I love this show. :)

it feels as though
there has never been a time
when I wasn't hungry
for a moment of yours.
you are beautiful
you are kind
and I can only... imagine.

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