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Thursday, November 9

Again with the "wake up to a beautiful day and watch it turn to rain and cold drizzle".
Kind of a bummer... but then again, I'm staring at an ugly maroon office divider / baffle thing... so ... whatever.

I'm officially busier than I've been in ages... and it's all because of the spin of life's events... not because I left things till the last... which - I readily admit - is usually the case. ug.

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk green trousers
~ a white t and big comfy brown turtleneck...
~ up... dress boys, make coffee, shower, feed boys, kiss 'em goodbye as z takes off ... she's volunteering with the school today on a field trip with Ed's class... :)
~ dress ... decide I look like crap... undress and start over.
~ zooooom... work work work...
~ big lunch thing for a boss I used to have... he's retiring and it'll be nice to say "hey"
~ refuse to work tonight? can i get away with that? one wonders... we'll see.
~ maybe ... get to actually watch some tv tonight? hmmmm
~ to send some good thoughts out to debby... just 'cuz....
~ to send a smile over to harleydog
~ that some of that tumbleweed doesn't get stuck to voicesinherhead...
~ and to send a lot of good mojo out to Doug... !!

It remains the greatest example of arrogance ... arrogance beyond measure... that we in the west think we know anything about the middle east. I mean, we have wonderful intellectuals and scholars who clearly know exactly what's going on and what will go on... but they only get consulted after things fall apart.
Excellent example: We all Know that the Taliban is bad. Right? right???? Ok... so says who?
We've been told all kinds of stuff about the Taliban.
By the same people who told us there were WDMs in Iraq and that we were going to win in Afghanistan.
Hey, I'm not saying the Taliban are good...
But I am saying... we don't know anything.
There was a time when the Taliban were the folks who offered relief from the horror of an oppressive, corrupt, and murderous government in Afghanistan - one the West supported... right around the time the West was supporting Sadam with guns and money.

The only thing I know for sure... is that there is a lot of "good" that can be done in the world... and I have no idea how it came to pass that we are pouring our "do good" money into Afghanistan. What puts them at the head of the needy line?
Oh, and don't give me any of that "we're fighting terrorism" shit.
Do you realize that the American, Canadian, British, etc. armies in Afghanistan are considered the invading terrorists by a large proportion of the ignorant, illiterate, living in mud-huts, population?

Arrogance beyond measure.

Ralph Klien... fricking cracks me up. He's a pig... he's a sexist bigot... and he's good with that. He really doesn't have to prove anything to anyone... and the guy gets away with referring to Peter McKay as at one time being the "only conservative bone in Belinda's body". Oh my god... bwaahahahahahahahaha... It's like when fat people start wearing moo-moo's... that whole "I give up" frame of mind...

Were your teen years eventful? I mean... I remember the whole 13 to 18 zone... and all the amazing things that happened... A lifetime of changes and events. Yet... it was only five measly years. Dude... do you realize how many "five year" spans there are in a life?
Just say'en... Use 'em.

K... time to git. :)
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