Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Two things...

~ Working on a great project with Geo...
It's a b-day prezzi I got him at a hugely geeeeeeeeky
electronics store. You know, one of those places where
you get a discount for having lots of skin tags on your neck?
Anyways... they had this display of "robot kits".
Woah... are these things cool.
This one is the "scarab". It's a little motorized walker
but it has a "decision" processor that you can program
(jumper settings) to do things like "If you bump into
something, back up and turn left." etc...

The hard part? It's amazingly hard to put together.
You have to solder, literally, hundreds of tiny teeeeny little solder points
Well Geo has become quite the little soldering guru.
We put a half hour into most nights... for the past many...
and we're only a couple of nights from done.

[ :: a closer look at the circuit board :: ]
Just say'en... good fun for a 11 year old.

~ and about the pumpkins...

It's like... a few days after halloween... and
they all turn into a kind of cross between a geriatric
pumpkin and a [ :: severely retarded pumpkin :: ].

Of course, this is because I forgot to put the pumpkins out with the garbage last night.
grrr. :)

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