Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, November 6 ... the day before you vote for the democrat

Beautiful day.
When I was taking the trash out last night... I noticed that it had done the "warm night air" thing again... everything was dew covered and mild... and it just stayed that way till morning.
The drive in was nice... :)
One of the last few I'll be making to this client.

Hey... did you enjoy Lynette getting shot? bwahahahahaha... and that skag that got killed? bwahahaha... omg. Talk about jumping up and down and screaming "notice me... notice me..." I mean... it worked on me. I didn't watch last week and had every intention of kissing that show goodbye... but ... I mean... "Somebody dies" is always gonna get me back. I was kinda hoping Lynette was going to either BE KILLED (she's such an idiot anyways) or that she was do some killen herself and take that freak show woman out... See... this is what spending time pretending your Rosanne Barrs sister will do to you.

~ blue ftls
~ gray trousers
~ white t and bright white dress shirt...
~ mickey tie (wee tiny mickey's hiding)
~ z'blazer
~ up and at'em... big presentation today.
~ get sorted at work and go into a board room to present my six months of work to the client boss and her team.
~ lunch with my boss...
~ see a man about a horse... sigh
~ home for a monday night... hoping for Heroes to be on and new.
~ to send a few wishes ... quiet and unexplained wishes ... out to Bethany. She will learn.
~ for ladymeg1 to get only good news about grandpa...
~ that geekgrrrl enjoys the church... :)
~ and that Miss Grumpy... finds a smile.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday lil'murflegirl. It has been a real treat to get to know you lil'sugar and I do very much hope you have a wonderful birthday. May the year ahead keep you safe, happy and surrounded by fun. :)
and to Mostly Absent Amy... (amyliscious)... a big happy birthday sugar to you too.!!!! I hope you are well and that you're having a great time out there. :)
And to little miss 2nd anniversary girl... no1topaz A very happy birthday to you. May this next year bring you all the promise of your future that the last year has brought to you. May this year bring grand memories and good times to you and your wee family. hmmm... (gets me thinking)

And Andrea... (harleydog) I hope all is well... and that you are finding great happiness in the passing of your days and nights. I look forward to bringing you some more Kifli ... and I do wish you the best of birthdays. Have a wonderful day sugar...

vote vote vote... super tuesday... VOTE THE BUMS OUT.
How could any decent american vote republican in this election?

So yeah... rubs "moose" (is that actually how you spell hair moose?) into his dwindling supply of hair... and goes "brush and hair dryer" on it for a while. Looks ok. I gotta do something for a bit... because it's at the whole "Mad Scientist" stage that I usually respond to with a "shave it all off" hair cut. And I thought I'd try and stave that off for a bit this time. :) You cannot BELIEVE how gray this hair is... It's whack man... just wow.

Edward is acting out.
He's invading his fellow students personal space and not stopping when they ask him to.
Don't read too much into this... it's just a stage thing but the bottom line is this; it's been brought to our attention by the school so we really have to step up and figure out solutions.
why am I mentioning this? Just to remind you that... everybody has their issues with kids. Everybody.
When ever you start thinking somebody else has got it "sooooo easy" because their kids are "soooo good".... smack yourself and be reminded that EVERYONE has their issues.
Just say'en.
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