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Friday, November 3

Friday? Yeah... it's friday. :)
it's sunny and the weather idiots think it's gonna stay that way all weekend.

gah... I'm listening to "The End". I haven't listened to this in years.
It doesn't just move me... it drags me behind every symbol hit like I was some kind of doors zombie.
A zombie for your love.

Hey... have you heard of those "zombie walks"... kind of a social art project? Sounds totally cool.

~ black ftls
~ black cargo pants
~ beige t hiding under a weird, grayish long sleeve thing with a zipper on the shoulder
~ to buy some sox...
~ suz had an early meeting... so the boys and I had a nice breakfast and mosied off to a friday. :)
~ work work work...
~ meet my boss at lunch and talk about what I'm supposed to be doing next...
~ zoom to a luncheon for my client boss ... her birthday...
~ get my ass outta here and get on with the friday vibe.
~ that thirteen days... slip by with all kinds of grace... for ladyfire (see note below!!)
~ and that thatthingido takes care with the whole dong thing... don't hurt yerself. :)

Birthday moment...
A happy birthday to miss absent... sensuousparadox, and even if you don't see this... I still wish for you the very best on your special day. May you snooze in sunbeams, walk between rain drops and find yourself surrounded by love. :)

Dear America;
It's time.
You've been hunched over choking back vomit for a couple of years now...
It's time to wipe off your chin, rinse with some cold water... spit... AND VOTE.
and BTW... exactly what is so bad about Iraq being carved up by Turkey and Iran? Who gives a rats ass?
If you come into a school yard and see two boys holding two other boys back from punching one another in the mouth... you gotta wonder if the two guys holding them back are asking themselves "was a good way to spend recess...?"

What do I do to Firefox to make it screw off with the "you can only download two files at a time" rott?

Breath across my neck
Brush past my ear
Wait for my trembling to stop
Lick them...
... close your eyes
and let me bring my lips to yours.
You have never know such passion.
As I have never known such beauty.
I ... believe I could live there...
Stretched out, across your bottom lip.
So red, so perfect.
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