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Amazing Race 10 Update!!

Amazing Race 10 Update!!

Swim For It.

And they're off... trimmed down to six teams of ridiculous stereotypes, slogging around the little island of Mauritius... I mean, really... the ex-druggies get lost, the blond pageant girls... crash their car, the enormous-booty black women practically drown, the couple fights (oh, and he has a highway hissy fit), the Asian guys continue to be slow and steady and... the inbred, loveable, complete morons... come in last. No surprises here!

Good Afternoon Race Fans...
(aka “The show, in as few words as possible!")
Wake up in Kuwait... and fly to a beautiful island to the south... except you have to fly to London to connect.
~ on Mauritius, drive to the harbor and swim for the big ass boat out there...
~ boogie to some remote post office
~ Detour by digging in Salt... then quitting that... and following a treasure map. No really... every one of them - except the pageants that went for treasure first - started with digging through small mountains of salt... then bailing.
~ make your way to Cap'n giant hand and be safe till tomorrow.
~ oh, and Kentucky came in dead last... while lightening struck again. Non-Elimination saves the day.

The Good
That Kentucky didn't get booted... I like 'em... at least "like 'em" plenty more than the cleaning ladies or the Rob & Kim Fight Club.

The Bad
Rob and his dumb ass, over-the-top, hissy fits. "I can't get it in gear!!!" EXPLODES, gets out of the car... and walks away. Meanwhile, traffic on the one-land off ramp, behind him, is backing up. Tit. Oh... and Pageant girl actually drives into another vehicle, crashing her Race Car... bwaahahahaha...

The Ugly
Oh that whole scene with the Pageants trying to get flight tickets for the druggies. The cleaning ladies were clearly next in line and blondie gets idiot brown boy ticket agent to let them get away with this. Cleaning lady should have asked Ticket boy to "lean in close for a secret..." and bonked his punk ass head on the counter. I mean... she should have bonked the Teeth-with-blond-hair-and-a-pageant-queen-attached but I suspect she'd get in trouble for assaulting a fellow racer... but a ticket agent? In Kuwait? I bet she'd get away with it.

The Exceptionally Pathetic
How stupid can you possibly get? Walking away from the salt piles... so you can go be LAST to start the other detour (Treasure Hunt)? d'uh....

The Losers
Man... talk about lucky!!! Kentucky gets another non-elimination when the totally lost tonight. I'm secretly glad... 'cuz their more fun than a few of the others ... but man... are they dumb.

The Winners…
Thinking the Chins... Chows? whatever... Team Asian is looking might good for the big money win.

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