Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

hasn't happened or anything...
but ... I'm just wondering about something...

If you noticed a small scrum of people on the street downtown, in front of a hotel or something, and it turns out to be some politician, his handlers and some media peeps... and you, like... just walk up and start asking a question... (not like that senator allen thing... if you're up on that... this hypothetical is ... on a public sidewalk) and the politicians handlers grab you physically and start wrastling you away...
Can you kick the shit out of the handlers?
I mean... if you had the capacity, would you be doing something wrong by pushing back, and maybe pushing to the ground, or punching one of the "handlers?"
... Like... what makes it ok for hired help to physically assault someone who is sharing public space or speaking out loud in a public place?

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