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Monday, October 30

So this is me... wishing I was cutting work today.
Two days of rain... blustery wind... evil cold... and what's Monday like? Sunny and glorious.
Dude... i sooooooo need to cut my lawn and do that "fertilizer" thing... End of October and all that. And I ain't doing that in the frigg'en rain yo.
Maybe I'll leave early today and do that... yeah, that's the ticket. :)

I am an interesting assortment of emotions today.
I'm happy.
I'm panicked about the boys costumes... (wanting them to work out and be bags full of fun!!)
I'm scared about the future ... I worry sometimes... and ... make quiet wishes for things I think I deserve... and then make other quiet wishes that I'm not asking for too much.
I'm excited about the coming of winter, skiing, and enjoying winter play at our new house. :)

~ blue ftls
~ dk gray trousers
~ brilliant white dress shirt... tie... blazer... because... it's monday. (sigh)
~ up with the light... enjoy a half hour before my family wakes up... this is going to be my new thing I think... Waking up early and enjoying the light.
~ work work work... busy day. I'm officially in my end-game with this client. Nov 14 - 18 will be my last day here and then... hopefully... new gig.
~ tonight? Watch anything we have on tape... shit... I still have two weeks of Gray... last weekends' Studio... oh, and HEROES is on tonight (heroes = love)
~ start planning some kind of date night deal for the next while or I'm going to go mental.
~ for someone covered in fur to show back up on xaheras's doorstep
~ to remind pixiecup that she is ... officially... All That And A Bag Of Chips (and the chips are extra... you're tops all by yourself)
~ that alachicky made a little more sense... curiosity will be the death of me.
~ and to send a very random wish for the big happy to be all over groovysegue because a) I miss her, b) she's awesome and c) ... it's always a good time to wish good things for good people.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday out to beachdog and I do hope you find great happiness this year. I have no end of good things to say about you... and I hope half of them are true. :D :D :D Have a great celebration of your day... and a grand year ahead.
Happy birthday, also, out to circe... may there be all the BSG you can handle. :) Have a wonderful birthday and I hope the year ahead keeps you in great health and fine fortune.

If the bad guy was standing there... with blood on his hands,
holding a knife and getting ready to strike again,
but in his other hand, he was holding the keys to happiness for someone else.
Would you let him hack away at the next victim,
because you were afraid it would be unfair to interfere and screw up someone else's happiness?
Perhaps you worry that the mess you are about to make will be so great that it will take forever to get around to that whole happiness thing on your own.

And this is where I call you a chicken shit.
You cannot let him strike again.
You owe it to the victims... past, present and ... potential.
And stop being such a pussy about the future.
You'll find your way to happiness again.

Now... replace the appropriate words in all that with Bush... and Impeachment.

No matter how much you whine...
No matter how hard it is to breath when you climb the stairs...
No matter how many times you get someone who makes a profit from your misery to support your story...
Fat is still not a disease.
Overweight is not an illness.
You're not sick... you're fat.

It may be the result of an illness... but it's not the illness itself.
Bottom line: you don't need to be cured.

I'm not talking about GIANT HUGE PEOPLE who are going to die from the related body breakdowns due to their immensity.
I appreciate that there are people among us who need help, advice and the full force of the medical community to help them not suffer from their obesity.
But the vast majority of people who are overweight... are simply... overweight.
Big fricking deal? Why are doing back flips to convince these people that there's something wrong with them?
Do you think they don't know it would likely be a good thing if they ate more healthfully?

I'm not saying fat is good... but it's not "sick".
Unless you're the big pharmaceutical companies... then baby... you are soooo sick and you definitely need the all these expensive drugs to get better.


Geo asked me ... "why are there bad words dad?"
I tried to explain about language ... and how some languages use certain themes to curse.
French ... uses terms from the church to frame their most vile insults.
English... just happens to focus on sexuality for the big bad bag of words you get in trouble for saying.
But the words themselves... change over time. There are words today that we use all the time... that would have been considered terrifying 50 years ago.
So the idea is to be aware of what's acceptable... and try to avoid the problem words.
And never ever ever every say the nasty words in front of your mother.
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