Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, October 29


So... last night was a long and snoozy night.
I spent some time working on Lord Vader's BELT. I have pics of his lordship trying it on... but when I said "stand still while I snap a pic"... he came back with "and where are you going to put the picture?". He goes through these moments of not wanting me to post pics hahaha... so I obey.

Never the less... the belt is done and the chest plate is next.

WE HAVE NO PUMPKINS... I'm off in search of a couple of decent pumpkins... er... is it descent or decent? and a piece of 1/4 inch sub-flooring to fix a hole...

After paying for a speaker wire to be installed into the ceiling...and paying to have that channel insulated... they go and put a hot water pipe through it too. Holy freaking frustrating.
Anyways... I'm all about jury rigging a solution to that. grrrr.

~ so far? stone age era sweat shirt...
~ pj pants
~ the icky stuff that collects in the corners of your mouth... I really need to wash up and wake the rest of the way up... :)
~ pumpkin hunting
~ sub floor wood hunting (construction site dumpster diving)
~ work on lord vaders get-up
~ make something great for dinner...
~ and pray pray pray... that Geo is not getting sick. He's all about a snuffle and a cough this morning. :(
~ I had pictures of Chris in Everglades national park... BUT NOOOOOOOOO... she forgot her cam-er-ah!
~ I had paid for all the speaker wires to be Pre-installed... but (noooooo) I was too cheap. d'oh.
~ I had a picture of "darling John"... all long hair, mad man and wolverine'ish... but again NOOOOOOO.... (lol)
~ something about big bags full of money...
~ to send some very sincere wishes out to lynspin... little sugar-spin... I keep good thoughts for you in my mind always... I so hope for things to turn around.

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday to my favorite Nancy... even though she's an alice... crayolaphoenix. May you find a little piece of happiness and hold on tight. :) I hope this year is filled with new and wonderful beginings.
And a happy birthday to travellingstar ... carolyn... May there come to you ... the peace of understanding and I do hope you move on towards something and someone that fills you with joy and leaves little knowing smiles on your face. :)

need to shower. :)

Later. :)
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