Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Today... on the way home from work... which, by the way, is just another word for "dreary dead air zone that turns my brain to mush"... I stopped at an audio shop and bought [ :: these boston acoustic speakers :: ].

They are going to be installed in the ceiling ... as "rear speakers" for the sound in the family room. The builders pre-ran these wires when the built the ceiling... and I now realize that I was a twit to not have them run the front speaker wire as well. sigh.

I'm challenged (don't have the right 4 ft long drill bit) to get the wires properly loaded into the walls for the "front speakers" but that will get sorted out directly. In the mean time... my "project de jour" is the install the ceiling speakers, and get the amp all installed etc.

Of course the "It's Fall" job jar is bursting... so we'll see what's what as the weekend wears away.
Our plans this weekend... are ... non-existant. NO plans. NO company coming. NO reservations, reasons to hurry or things to get ready for.
Just a good fall weekend to putter and get a few things done.


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