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Friday, October 27

"Hey Geo... come smile and show off your ... missing teeth!".

Look for the two dark spaces to the left and right of his front teeth. :)

Kind of a confused day. Started very cool, cloudy and the weather idiots kept talking about snow and rain... Of course, now it's sunny and cold.

I had a "company" thing last night... going to a big ass meeting (900 people?) at a conference center to listen to the CEO and the Chairman do their "talk'en at'cha" thing flashing slides about the companies objectives for the next year and slides about performance over the last year... They talk talk talk ... from 5:00 to 7:30 and then they feed us. Nice meal. I normally slip in to these things and sit with people I don't know... do some introductions and sit quietly till it ends and then get my ass out... mostly because I know me! I'm prone to wishing I could express myself when I hear things I want to have ... opinions on. Sitting with strangers from the same company... keeps me quiet. :) Last night... however, I was sitting with my team and we had some lively conversations. Was nice...

~ blue stripee ftls
~ black jeans... look new... but they're old and ... just haven't fit for a year. :)
~ dk blue t and a dark sorta-green SSBUS
~ up and do the morning deal... including driving the boys in...
~ meet boss early to talk turkey (next contract stuff) and loan him a kiddie "skeleton" costume...
~ lunch with co-workers to celebrate one of their birthdays and ... try to coral my client for a convo about contracts etc...
~ zoooooooom through the rest of my day and get my ass outta here and into the weekend!!!!!
~ for all the little bugs ... to get up and go. Leave my little myclevername alone!!!
~ wedding day for bramey?? not positive but if it is... then I'm all about wishing her the bery bery best... and offering all kinds of congrats!!
~ and to say... that I wish I was helping you on with that costume... :D

Birthday moments..
A very happy birthday out to marthaleigh... and I hope that the people who manage to let you down... see the error of their ways and take the time to come back and give you the love you deserve. :) Have a lovely Martha and I wish for you all the happiness you can handle this year.
And a happy birthday to my very most favourite Ewt. (ewtikins) May all you're Ewt'y play time bring you great happiness... and sugar... I hope you have safe and healthful year ahead of you. :)

TV. TV. TV. and more TV.
Just say'en... Desperate Housewives... is done.
We sat and watched Sundays episode last night... and it dawned on me that... IT BLOWS. It's just another crummy soap opera now. There is - in fact - not one single character on the show that I like. They're deal is to pop around to each of the families and see how each has progressed over the last week... and with each "pop in" I find that I'm looking at a character I dislike. Eva Long-glorious... or whatever her name is... is just cruel, powerfully superficial and not funny about it any more. Bree... despite my ongoing desire to wrap her in plastic and make a Popsicle out of her... is just a fricking idiot, her kids both deserve to be drowned... Lynette and her stupid pussy for a husband... can both screw off... So much stupid... one family. Oh and then there's the Myer's family. The daughter... idiot. The mother? Ridiculous skank. Britt? Slutty bitch... It used to be fun... but now... it's tired and, really not much fun.
So... scratch that show off my weekly line up. :)

LOST was fun... I was glad that woman died. I hope the "Lost'ers" bring more death and destruction to these "other" bastaches. And I sure do want Sawyer to do some serious ass kicking on any of his jailers. The show is WONDERFUL... but they're gonna lose me... and likely a lot of other viewers if they don't get around to some payback to these "other" flip charts and sooooo!

Survivor... last nights survivor was the mid season Non-Episode episode. "Here's a dozen video moments we cut before but forgot to throw away." gah... I refuse to watch those. :)

"pardon me?"
"No... I wasn't flirting with the waitress."
"That's called 'engaging' someone who's job it is to serve me..."
"I gave her a kind word and treated her like a real person."
"Clearly a way of behaving that you are totally unaware of."
Sucks to be you, huh.

yes yes... it's Friday Afternoon... the day is almost done being a 'worker bee' day and it's about to turn into a 'play and have fun' day.
I think I'll rent a movie ... a "family enjoyment" movie, on the way home. :)
See ya

and ... 143!!!
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