Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, October 25

I call it... "Eating the Six".

And that's what I've been doing all day...
because "eating the six" means... buried to your flippen face in numbers and crap for work.

They were installing the Eavestroughing today. :) weeee...
Pretty fricking cool stuff.

And... it's mightily cold out there today.
Wind wind wind...
A little sun... a lot of cloud.
A Windsday, if ever there was one.

~ black ftls
~ old jeans
~ b.u.m. t and a hoodie
~ work like mad to get my reports sorted out. Just decided to change a title... it must appear in twenty graphics, and a hundred records... ug.
~ grocery shop soon...
~ dinner and a Lost evening. :)
~ oh, and I think Ed and I will finish "The Magicians Nephew" (read last... out of order, I know) and put the narnia series to sleep. :)
~ to send a few good vibes out to bair... just 'cuz.
~ I had any time to muck about... read fp's, and goof around. :(
~ alas... earwax!

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday Lisanne... :) (mysticprincess)... I hope you enjoy the day... the night... and that you have a safe and happy year ahead. :D

Not to be outdone by the myriad little blinky pale blue, greenish blue, and red lights that populate the nighttime version of my house... looking not unlike predators lurking behind sofas and up against walls, the appliances themselves are all about the look-who's-talk'en-now thang. The microwave gives off a gentle bleep to let you know you've forgotten to get whatever it was you were heating up ... The fridge, of course, goes into progressive panic mode but begins most delicately with a tone to warn that the door is ajar... the door is ajar... the door is ajar, yo! buddy the fricking DOOR IS AJAR. The ovens beep it up large to let you know that the assigned temperature has been arrived at, or perhaps to just bug you until you come and check on the food because what-ever-you-told-it-to-do... is about halfway done. So ... if one is feeling overwhelmed in the wee hours and wants to escape the beeps and peeping diodes... you nick out onto the porch, close the door, breath a deep night-air breath and then get the crap scared out of ya when what sounds like an entire zoo begins another round of late night howling, barking, and singing.
Never a dull moment at casa de corto.

... gotta git. :)

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