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Hiya Lj... life is grand. Waiting to watch Dark Angel on tape in a bit... I keep putting little bitty bits of time to working on the web pages... I love working on a project like that... just a general interest project... not "work"

I wanted to make a short wish for my pal nextproblem! I hope you settle soon and get comfortable. Life can be beautiful... and it will be! really.

I was chatting with a bud a minute ago and we're talking about buffy... and I say that "sure" I like the show... It's got fight'en chicks and a cool plot line... although the "fighten chicks" part is pretty much the big draw...

And she comes back with... (get ready) "So that's why you like it in Lj so much..."


Hey, nordicgrrl? Deb is it? House hunting is harsh... but the goal - at the end - is worth it. It's like child birth... wicked hard to get through it but once you're there... you almost (shhhhh I said "almost"!) forget how hard it was to get there...

toosweet? sugar? a little candel is burning on my window sill for you ... I hope the med's help that ouchi tummy. (can you believe we actually talk like this! wow)

Later Lj... I wish so many wishes every day for the people I meet here... I am clearly a wishing bandit!

okok... gotta go... lil'Miss Alba is a calling... dum de dum...
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