Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Amazing Race X Update!!

Amazing Race 10 Update!!

They call it Just Desserts!!

They're off... and racing around Kuwait getting lost and then found again. But that’s boring. The real excitement is how it seems the halfway mark yanks the gloves off and the really nasty bits of the various personalities stick their necks out.

Good Afternoon Race Fans...
(aka "The show, in as few words as possible!")
Wake up in Mumbai... and do the cabs and airport thing until you all end up in Kuwait... the land that keeps the desert at bay just outside it’s back door.
~ gotta find yerself a travel agent... and if you’re a giant dick head (aka Peter) you can call it a medical emergency and kiss that Karma balloon as it inflates.
~ Pagent girls get their tickets... but no hi-five from indian scared-of-blonde-devils Ticket agent man, although watching her hi-fiving the air (swish) was fun.
~ it looks like a two hour head start for half of them with different flights, but it’s a bunch up at the connector and they all hit Kuwaity airspace together.
~ find the Kuwait Towers with the First Fast Forward... and see that even in evil reality games... there are good souls.
~ RoadBlock has team members climbing up the outside of a giant dome at the top of the Towers... and gives birth to a whole new clan of Peter Haters!
~ Climb up... get bag... elevator down... and put together weird ass puzzle with an arabic street name on it. Clue.
~ find dude in some remote "bead" shop and snag your clue...
~ Detour by filling bags with camel food... or laugh your ass off at this little robot evil monkey that beats the camel is you yell. Hahahahaha
~ Fast Forward is all about ... nothing. Dress up in "burn me" clothes, and approach a raging (but fake) oil head fire with five other guys and a fire shield to get your clue from a box beside the fire. J
~ make your way to the water towers, the Mat and captain giant hands. Unless you’re Peter... then, instead, you can drive around Kuwait till the middle of the fricking night lost... because you suck! ELIMINATED

The Good
Hands down... Team Chin... the two asian boys get all the big hugs and high fiving... by orchestrating a situation where the kentucky inbreds get to head to the Fast Forward all by themselves and WIN the leg, avoiding their 30 minute penulty visa vee the Non-Elimination-Round last week and their being "Marked For Elimination". Nice move boys.
Ps. Anyone have a functioning gaydar? Are those boys packers or what?

The Bad
Ok... trying to sort out the Fast Forward, versus doing the RoadBlock.
Peter: what do you want to do?
Sarah: "do we do the fast forward?"
Sarah: "?? It’s up to you."
Peter: "I think you’re climbing!"
OHMYGODYOUBASTARD. The fricking cyborg gets sent on a ladder climb up the outside of the dome atop the Kuwait Towers. Now I can dig the whole "Lets prove to the world that you can do anything..." but screw that. Peter must be feeling the steely blades of a million angy eye balls on his evil little self.

The Ugly
The cleaning ladies... put their puzzel together and solicit some help from a local to explain where to go and how to get there... and when they see the pagent girls coming they add "oh, and don’t tell them..." Yeah... evil, but ... when they don’t quit... they just push the locals along in front of the pagent girls and physically try to keep the girls from getting any info... well, that was exactly when the pagent girls should have jumped their emmense asses and kicked the crap out of those bitches. And... AND of course, the cleaning ladies are all bitching about what’s fair and not fair 10 seconds later when somebody catches a break with a traffic light or something.

The Exceptionally Pathetic
After making Sarah do all the dog gammed work... for the entire game... Dick smack Peter condescends to her... talks her down and generally belittles Sarah. I swear she should have put that cybernetic leg of hers into the back of his lazy bastard skull. Instead, she sat in the back seat of their SUV while idiot boy drove around Kuwait, not asking directions, getting lost and ... losing the game. Twit.

The Losers
Sarah and Peter got nailed tonight. I’m glad ... I kinda want the Kentucky’s and the pagents to stay in the game. They make for fun viewing. (although, the pagents are remarkably stupid)J

The Winners...
Kentucky gets a trip along with their first place finish tonight... but I really don’t think they can hold out. They don’t have good instincts. The Asians are gonna win with that little nice-guy move tonight... they’re in neck and neck with the Druggies er... ex-Druggies for "first place cool".
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