Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, October 23

After a day of rain, snow, sleet and wind... today has dawned.... gray, cloudy and threating rain, snow, sleet and wind.
Lovely. Somebody go shake Miss Cranky Pants Mommy Nature awake and get that crack pipe out of her hands...

It's a Monday... and while Mondays blow for a lot of folks...
Well... not for me.
I got to use our shower again for the first time in two weeks. :) I love the walk-in, wander-around-in shower.

Today... at 11:00... Geo is having two teeth removed.
He's plenty nervous and clearly had a fitful night. Poor little nugget.
I'm sure all will be well... but never the less... I wish I was sitting with him. :(

~ blue ftls
~ gray trousers
~ three tone, kinda dark, dress shirt
~ and a dark blue tie with z'blazer! (monday uniform)
~ to keep checking email, hoping for feedback on the interview last week. I think... if I got the gig, I would have heard by now. :(
~ TO BE BY MY PHONE at 11:14 ish... my poor little Geo, he's so nervous.
~ home asap... and making a nice soft dinner. :)
~ enjoy some tv tonight... and be the guy that is relaxed. (seem strangely stressed... so I'm turning on the "be a calm" guy motors)
~ to send some happy vibes out to arlyn... just 'cuz
~ to smile at my friend infinitywhisper
~ to smile at my friend ayoub... can't explain those smiles... but they're plenty big smiles.
~ that ms_right_rn remembers ... you get what you pay for in life... even if you cover your eyes and pretend.
~ and finally... to laugh along with jethro because... no matter how you slice it... that was damn funny.

you know... canadian troops are dying in Afghanistan... a national crisis exists with respect to how well nourished our children are... hospital emergency rooms are threatened with closure and other problems... the RCMP currently command as much respect as a couple of New Jersey Hoods... journalists are having to actually explain why Canadians deserve a free press... and yet our national media and the leadership it reports on, are all spending their time talking about whether or not Peter The Pussy The Cried On National TV McKay called Belinda Turncoat a dog in Parliament. Geezus Pete.... (you big wimp) ... grab a microphone and say "I didn't call that vapid bitch a dog and that's final" and be done with it. Meanwhile... I hope she sicks some of her daddies cronies on you and they make you cry... perhaps they could look at you "fiercely".

Let's sum up the last forty years of US foreign policy...
"Give us your natural resources... and stop fighting with each other... Everyone just relax and support our gluttony!!! oh... no no ... you can't fight us either... no really stop it. Gah... shit, ok we'll invade you."
Wait... let me guess... you thought it was all about stopping tyrants and reducing the risk of terrorism?

"The best damn meal I've every had!!"
Fine... that's wonderful. I'm glad you had such a wonderful meal and three cheers for the finding the opportunity to enjoy it.
Now... if you had it every night for a year... do you still think it would be the best mean you've ever had?
Just because something is wonderful... doesn't mean you necessarily ought to bring it home.
Just say'en...

Ok... I'm out. :D
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