Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, October 22

Well we couldn't have asked for a nicer day yesterday... er... well, maybe warmer. :)
But the sun was out and it wasn't raining... bonus.
I was up and cutting the lawn (tractor boy) relatively early... and very cold in the doing...
Then a grocerie run, and an afternoon of baking cakes, cooking, cleaning and getting set for....
20 people over for dinner. :)
My family and suz's family all got together for a birthday dinner for Geo and it was lovely!
I got to show off the DVD from the wedding... and we had a nice time being hosts.
Geo and Ed are DEEP into Age of Mythology and are burning their way through the LEGO Star Wars II nintendo game (man, that is just an outstanding game concept - Star Wars re-enacted in lego... with an excellent sense of humour and cool stuff to do... )

We watched (Finally!!) stuido 60 last night,... but passed out right after... on the sofa and floor. :)
I woke up with a killer head ache at 6:00... and slept till 10... and now? I'm just getting ready for that shower.

~ pj pants
~ the white shirt I slept in...
~ shower, dress...
~ more coffee...
~ go to mac computer store, buy MIL a battery for her laptop
~ go to SIL and give her a dvd from the wedding two weekends ago
~ buy more coffee...
~ home... and then, well... we'll see.
~ tonight... big tv line up... that we usually take till the following saturday to clear... :)
~ sundays were longer.

The story of a door.


and the story of there to here... is under the cut... in pictures.

The issue was that the door to our WIC was intruded upon by one of the doors to our bedroom... When the doors were wide open, the bedroom door was about 8 inches inside the door frame of the WIC... and that was not supposed to be that way, according to our floor plans.
So the builders had a guy out ... and he moved the door!

Good builder... ... good boy...
~ scratchs him behind the ear... :D

K... gotta go. Have a nice sunday...
Oh... it's snowing. !!!!
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