Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

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people people... pay not attention to the crazy people behind the curtain!

Lord love a duck?
I remember.
It's not so easy to forget... some peeps have gravity like nothing else... but why does gravity attract derision? why are there issues?

Anyways... I'm feeling pretty smug here... I got a mention in something called a gabbymoe (did I get that right) and I never knew it... almost makes me wanna say "Hey, were else do peeps rag on me?" almost but NOT FUCKING QUIT! Cause I just don't give a rats ... thingamajobbie...

I absolutely totally and completely love this place and the friends I have here... you ALL totally make me alive... among other things...

Opps... look at the time.. Gotta run for a bus.
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