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Sunday, October 15

got a smile on ... well, ok, "got a head ache on" is more like it... but that will pass. ;)
I'm smiling 'cuz I managed to turn intervideo's winDVD creator my bitch.
I've been suffering with the "included with your video card retail box" version for a while... but I hacked the upgrade "trial version" last night and ... there was much joy in mudville. I may just have to buy this software in appreciation for it actually working. :)

I was clipping away at making a dvd for my BIL from their wedding last weekend... you know, the whole deal... DVD menu, slide show, videos, some stirring music and all that. :D I came to my senses at ... gah... it must have been 3:30 in the morning ... and I had a finished product.
It's nice.

We went to the movies yesterday... with 8 boys.
Geo celebrated his 11th birthday with his friends yesterday (the "actual" day isn't till the 20th). We took the boys to see "Open Season"... then to DQ for a dinner and a big ol'Ice Cream cake. And then they played 4-square in the parking lot till various parents showed up. One of Geo's friends dad took the two of them to a haunted playground (Halloween thing at a local orchard... complete with masked guys and chainsaws) after dark... and he was tremendously happy. Muddy... cold... post-crap-scared-out-of... but happy. :) Suz and I were gonna go too, with Edward... but he wasn't up to it so we bailed.

Today is all about relaxing ... and a few little job - jar things. :)

~ black stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ gap t
~ bag of heated up (microwave) beans around the back of oh-so-sore neck. :)
~ to let some advil, the bean bag, and the generally putter of a sunday afternoon... cure my headache.
~ planning? well... hoping... my BIL is home so I can bring him a DVD.
~ tonight? no plans. (but relaxing is on the bill!)
~ for the meekorouse family to have a good "lease signing day".
~ to make a wee shout out to soylentpurple... cuz she's new to me, lovely, and a great lj to cruise. :)
~ that sometimes59 stays on the road to all kinds of recovery ... for herself and Delia.
~ and just a random good-vibe out to nextproblem... Hiya emily... :)

Birthday moments...
From yesterday... a very happy birthday wish out to lunaobrien who is a brand new mom, again!! May the year ahead keep you and your family in good health, great spirits and ... blessed with a peaceful journey through your little girls first twelve months.
And today!!! Happy Birthday to dear honuhoney... or azbum as I affectionately think of her. :) I hope you have a great year sugar-bun... you have brought me many smiles and have been so generous with your thoughts.... you certainly deserve a little favour as this next year rounds out. Have a great celebration and keep on smiling.
Distant... likely absent and forever lovely jaggedpill ... Happy Birthday Amy. (the girl with the million watt smile). I hope all is well in your world and that your little baby is doing wonderfully.

So when I sit down to write a post... the LJ client is open, with the birthday reminders on screen. I absently notice the names, click "OK" and go about my business. Then... when I get to doing "birthday moments" I check the birthday page... and ... those names are nothing like the ones that I remember from when the LJ client was pushing birthdays on me.
Anybody else see that?
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