Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, October 13 ... cue ominous music.

Twenty two kinds of beautiful out today. Sunshine, blue sky, cool air and ... freaking frost on everything. :)

It's a work-from-home day as contractors come in to fix an electrical problem... as a "tiler" dude calls in to cancel again because the tiles haven't arrived yet... (grrrr), and builder-handy-man-dude ... finishes up the "moved door" into the walk-in-closet.

We had our meet-the-doctor appointment yesterday and we are officially a family with a family doctor again. Oh, and when she was looking over our forms... she's "Hey... we're gonna be neighbors"... she and her hubby are building a house just around the corner from us - our whole community is being built by the same builder - Land Ark Homes. :D

I need, very much, to figure out where to get a good deal on a used snow blower, and a contract for someone else to clear our laneway in the early morning hours.

note: I use that ":)" way too much.

~ blue stripee ftls
~ p-z jeans
~ gray t and a warm hoodie. :)
~ open the door to various contractors... and let them do their thing... while I get a bunch of work done on my client gig. :)
~ take some measurements in the basement for my personal contracting god, (jay!)
~ answer the phone... when Import Auto Sales calls... to tell me my car is ready.
~ bang-zooooom to get ma new car... :)
~ go to 'bucks on the way home and have 'em grind up the starbucks coffee we bought at cost-co (price club).
~ write about survivor at some point...
~ and enjoy a friday night. hmmm... what to cook? Maybe a fondue... a "boil in oil" fondue... instead of the "thin meet in boiling au-ju" fondue. :)
~ oh ... geez... and rent a movie... that would be great... fondue and a movie. :)
~ for a computer rescue to find no1topaz
~ that allyn would post a whole lot more burning-man pictures... :)
~ to welcome kay to the wonderful world of crockpots... er... slow cookers, not crackpots
~ and ... generally for all my friends to enjoy a Friday The 13th.

Birthday moments...
OH look... None. Amazatron.


(psst, if it doesn't load... - the youtube - try again in a minute... it was only just uploaded and it takes a bit before it's "released")
... and have a great Friday. :)
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