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Friday, October 6

Yes... indeed.
Long weekend coming up... :)
Clearly it's time to smile from ear to ear and dance to a little "internal music" . :)

And... it's sunny. Forecast is for sun tomorrow too.
You know what this means...?
I have to cut the grass tomorrow morning... and I still don't have a push mower from anywhere... (can't use the tractor first cut... apparently)

~ dk blue ftls
~ dk blue p-z jeans
~ black t and brown turtleneck. I had to scrape the car windshield this morning... brrrrrr!
~ work work work... same shit... different day.
~ try to leave wwwwwway early to see a guy about a couple of cars... i'm getting closer to the car purchase...
~ be home by 5:00 'cuz Z has a hair appointment... My BIL is getting married tomorrow... :)
~ write about Survivor at some point... :)
~ spend the night playing nintendo, talking to the admiral, watching tv shows and ... enjoying myself. You know... like a typical 44 year old. :)
~ that libragirl_77 manages to find some down time this weekend... :)
~ for little miss murflegirl to do... um... "better"
~ and to send giant wishes for unmistakably_me's mom to be ok...

K... i'm officially sick (like ... "I puke down your throat" sick) of hearing people say "support our troops" and equate that with not saying a bad word about getting our lilly white asses out of Afghanistan... Afghanistan... the ass hole of the planet, run by a government that pays poor lip service to wanting change, and an unworthy grave yard for Canadian sons and daughters.
Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people are dying .... or worse (sigh) in Darfur.
Seriously... wtf! is going on!

I watched... because Z was watching... a little Oprah again last night.
Dear Oprah;
Could you be any more whack?
I mean... vanity is one thing... but honey, you is one seriously Machiavellian hunk of burning wealthy black mama.
Oh and I feel soooo much better now knowing that I am supposed to worry about a bunch of flip charts that formed the "Man boy lover association" or whatever they call their fucked up selves. I swear... Oprah is in league with the people who treat ulcers... She's clearly caused quite a few.
And ... and... she had Edwards "wife" on ... flogging a book ("Edwards" as in ... Kerry Edwards 2004) about her dealing with the death of her son.
The only message that this segment left with me was that this woman has serious obsessive compulsive issues.
Read the entire senior year reading list to his grave stone did ya... good one.
Oprah is dangerous like crack yo!

A romping good time in the sack... still ends with a splat,
Soaking sheets and a trip to the bathroom.
Great fun and a never ending source of ...
the most fun adults get to have without breaking the law.

But it will never compare to the lingering passion of a kiss.
Fingers itching to tear fabric and flesh, that trace desire on a lovers neck,
Lips part and close, drinking in life and giving out the dream of forever.

Nothing ... can replace a kiss.

peace baby...

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