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Thursday, October 5

Wake up... and kill my tv.
clearly the day did not start... according to plan.

I made a foolish attempt to press the first episode of Studio 60 from the PVR to VHS tape... a "feature" on the pvr... However, I only just hooked up the vcr and had to try various configs ... ie... what channel to set the vcr to... and in doing that... I ended up with the PVR stuck in play-mode and I really really really wanted it to stop... so I unplugged it.


apparently this was a poor choice to make.
The rogers cable network promptly forgot all about my pvr and refused to let it turn back on.

And then the kids arrived downstairs.
"gee dad... you killed the TV" is not the morning greeting I was looking forward to. :)

A few minutes on the phone with rogers and all is well again...
Now I'll have to try that "copy to vcr" thing again tonight. :)

~ blue... BLUE ftls...
~ dk green trousers
~ black t... with a funky gray/green toned thing that is, in theory, a shirt.
~ work work... actually going to the office for the day... although I get the same shit done there that I get done when i work form my home office... sigh.
~ watch Survivor tonight... and maybe... just maybe... get to watch that Hero show that burning a hole in my dvd player...
~ for a great many things... but mostly... that I could take three months off work. :)
~ to send great big squishy hopes for an all-is-well birth'en moment for morganofthefay :D :D :D :D
~ to smile at pixiecup ... just 'cuz...
~ to point out how... tall spurbaby seems to be of late. :) (go you)
~ a great big happy anniversary to me!!!!

Birthday moment...
A very happy birthday out to wee bitty mentalconundrum... :) I hope you have grand day today... and that this is a year of your life that brings you happiness in parcels ... that are just too big to carry. That way you'll have to share. :)

Apparently there is a question circulating through the "governments" in Canada regarding the right of a civil authority to refuse to work based on his religious beliefs. Specifically... can a guy who gets a job as a civil administrator that presides at civil marriage ceremonies can refuse to do his thing for same sex couples.
PAWWWWWLEEEESE. Oh my freaking god. What?
Dude... if you are opposed to doing your job on religious or moral grounds... power to you. Now go get another job and let someone else step up who will actually do the job my tax dollars are paying you to do.
There is no excuse for this kind of thing. It should not be occupying the already scarce time of our national, provincial and regional administrators.
Talk about beating a dead horse...

The sad thing? The argument supporting these guys is getting traction... mostly because, once again, the church is sticking it's altogether dirty nose (lets all do the little boy dance) into government affairs.

Single point: Christians don't like same sex marriages... um... or is that Catholics? Whatever... You are not the only religious group in Canada and if we made laws and rules and processes to account for the idiosyncrasies of their faith... well, why wouldn't we do the same for every other faith... Oh Wait... BECAUSE YOU DON'T ALL BELIEVE THE SAME CRAP. This is why we have a separation between church and state. Now get back to your darkened halls and dusty books and screw off.

Gah! I could not be any sicker of religion and the nightmare of stupidity that it rains down upon society... globally.


It was a cool but sunny day in October 1991 that Suzy and I tied the knot.
We met and started dating ... a full twenty years ago... after I stole her away from some big ham fisted goof with a bad hair cut. :D
Now today is our fifteenth anniversary. Time to get crystal... :)

To let you join my celebration... here is a link [ :: to the lj post I made ages ago, about the night I proposed... :: ]

K... time to go.
Have a great day. :D
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