Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, October 3

A little something different... (and you know how I am about patterns... so "something different" drives me bonkers!) in the "wish" zone reflecting recent posts made by friends...

It's another gray and rainy day. I'm staying home to "be here" while work men work... I'll get something from the job-jar done... I think the shelves in the basement. :)

~ black ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ blue t... and a sweater waiting for the first reason to leave the house. :)
~ home ... actually booked off work... to "be here" while the builder spends the day repairing things...
~ dentist at 1:00 pm... hygenist home sick... reschedule... tomorrow 3:30 (note to self)
~ figure out where I'm going to get a gas push lawn mower... because the "grass man" said he didn't want me to use the tractor for the first cut... (he said the first two but... I wanna ride the tractor!!)
~ fix my gallery web page...
~ update my moms water colour web page (
~ update my dads carving web page (
wishing words
~ nbbmom... You're word is love. May it be...
~ jeremyb And dude... it's all about "laugh"... (and banana bread.)
~ marthaleigh hope... Hope for a little kitty.
~ sylvidoptera and without question, your word is dream ... or should that be "dreams". :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday wish to Becca (myclevername)... a most beautiful and interesting girl ... from the Peg. Have a fabulous day sugar and I hope the year ahead teases you ... entertains you... and fills your pockets with love.

I am moved to tears at the thought of what happened in Penn yesterday.
The capability of a man to act so monsterously... is a concept beyond my ability to process.
I break when I try to understand or ... even conceive of such horror.
I mean... unless there's some Amish conspiracy of evil that I don't know about... perhaps it's those little sour-dough cake things... but, otherwise, it remains my belief that these are some of the most harmless people in america.
That they should be made to suffer in this way... is just beyond the ability to comprehend.

Bush interpreting the Geneva Conventions, getting to ignore the rights of non-citizens, and the right to place what would otherwise be unlawful wiretaps... to say nothing of the whole "what are you wearing right now" thing between the congressman and the pages...
It's like the Republican Party got a big ass pay off to write material for Jon Stewart.

Ring ring... says my cell phone.
"Hello?" says me...
"Shane?" says some guy...
"Nope... I believe you have the wrong number..." says moi...
"Well... what's your name?" says idiot boy...
"Pardon... no, nevermindyouhavethewrongnumber" click says I.
Ring ring... says my cell phone.
"Hello?" says me...
"Look... where's shane... and TELL ME YOUR NAME..." says stalker-like-freak-show-of-ass-wipe.
Click says me...

Sigh... some people have serious issues and likely... have no idea.

K... time to jet.
Have a great day ...
Fill a bag with sixes, shake it up, and pour out some nines.
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