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holy gods...

I am such a lazy biatch today... well not really but I'm having a real problem doing what they pay me for... LOL...

Glossgirl? I have read your entire journal ... LOL and I gotta say that if you want anyone to come visit you and slap the biscuit a few times... I'm your man! She is basically sounding like the fictitious person created to be an antagonist in an "Assertiveness Training Workshop" ... my only considered opinion is that that family comes first but that they're supposed to be the first to understand when you put your partner first... so stick to being happy with your man... mom will deal... theres a lot of time to make her happy... and besides, grand kids are gonna make her a lot more happy than peace between you and the HB ever will... (sugar? you have got to take pictures at the wedding... haha - Leather, Vegas, Motorcycles... sheesh... what a scream!)
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