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Sunday, October 1

~ Has hung below my web-cam... for years and years...
~ it was a gift from a woman who lives very far away... but somehow manages to feel like she's been a close family friend for... ever. :)
~ Never very far from my thoughts... teaser... My s-African Queen. :)

It's rainy... cold... very fall like.
And I've got a head boomer... Not sure if it's weather change or just "slept too long". :(
Must take advil to battle the boom!

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans... the ripped variety
~ cap code? cape cod... t-shirt.
~ garage cleaning... putting up racks to hang things on... :)
~ a visit from my SIL and one the many nieces...
~ groceries...
~ and... I think something good is on tv on sunday nights... must check.
~ that dishpan_nipples... gets the control she needs... wants... wishes for...
~ for dreamy_thoughts to enjoy the vacation...

Birthday moments...
NOT FAIR when you don't list your b-day in lj!!!
Happy birthday Misha... willedit!!! You are a treasure and ... there is no way to explain how much impact the little cards you have made and sent have had in my world... geez... Have a wonderful birthday sugar and I very sincerely hope that the year ahead keeps you happy, healthy and ... surrounded by the love you richly deserve.
And happy birthday macdatty!!!! go go sugar-amy ... Have a great birthday and find some wonderful ways to treat yourself. :)

some pictures from this week...


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