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Morning Lj

You know... once upon a time, Lianna sent around a reference to a product called TalkSender ( and I gotta say, I'm still using this thing like crazy... it's great. Its a little application that you run to send voice messages embedded in email messages.. Works well and it's a no-brainer setup.

Monday! ahahhaha ok, it's Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday.

~ it's blue day! Blue boxers under blue cargos (no swish swish) with blue mock-neck and groovy blue point zero sweater with the useless but silver zippered pocket on the sleeve (and, of course, dem big-ass shoes)
~ to retype a report that has somehow been lost on the computers at work (shit and dam!) - total frigging waste of time!
~ a bunch of client contact stuff...
~ to stay by the phone just in case miss banana has any free time on her Ottawa adventure...
~ I could find more time at night... oh wait... I could just not read Lj .... ahhahahahahahaa... yea... that's gonna happen. ROTFLMAO!
~ for a big beautiful house to fall out of the sky and NOT land on my sisstah! Kristy, but right beside her would be nice... :D
~ fzzzzzt... oops! a whole bunch of wishes came true this weekend... Lisa came home in one piece, wonder woman has a little fight left, and I had peace in my home for the whole dern long weekend (wow!!!)

Did you see that sansouci message today... hehe... talk about surprise visit...

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