Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Question: Are you seeing this shit?
Hostage taker in high school... shoots hostage...
Student shoots principal in high school...

Well I suppose its just about time for the NRA to trot another psycho to dance around on a stage yelling about how lucky you all are to have guns everywhere.

Responsible gun owners and advocates across the country make great and worthy arguments in favour of their gun ownership...

But we're not really talking about responsible gun owners now ... are we!

Sadly... the genie is out... the bottle is broken... and there are frigg'en guns everywhere.
Now all you have left is hope.
Hope is good...
It likely even floats...
But it aint doing shit for the parents of that dead girl in Colorado.

What a mess.

How is it that gun advocates don't feel any guilt?
And exactly when will Americans tell the NRA where to get off?
Oh wait... this is the country that elected Bush for a second term...

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