Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Four things...

~ no tractor today. Wishful thinking that the "rent me by the hour" truck would be there... or even possibly available all day. However, the Handyman our builder assigned to the hood... has a truck and a trailer and he's gonna meet me at Home Depot tomorrow morning at ... sigh 7:30 to be first there and get the job done. I made a home for it in the garage. :)

~ I lied this morning. I didn' spend the day in the living room. I spent it on the screened-in porch. Percy sat on the iron table... I spread out my work and ... loved every moment of it. :)

~ my heart is very much with a dear friend ... her challenges are great and this is just a hard time. May you find the strength dear teasdale ... the strength to hold fast to the threads that bind you hear and let go only of the ones that simply must be released. Hold them greedily... miserly... for when the trappings of a life are stolen away, all that remains is the will to have it. And find comfort in the friends that understand... patience with the ones that don't... and faith in the good hearted souls that will care for your littlest companions. Peace dear sugar-tea.

... ok, fine... only three things.
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