Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, September 21

I finished the shelves last night. And because I'm weird that way... I took loads of pictures, so I'll post some tonight. :)
Of course, after I pushed the frame-from-hell (extremely over engineered for strength) into place... I realized I couldn't put the actual shelves "in". So I had to take the center braces apart. d'oh. I am well pleased with the results... big and very useful shelves. Heck... I appears that I could actually put two cars in the garage now. :D

Kitty is doing better. :) The vet called yesterday to check up on her... That was nice... good follow up service. Of course, vets cost a fortune... so go figure.

~ black ftls
~ same Khaki cargos as yesterday.
~ black t and a two tone tommy sweater.
~ up ... sigh... back in bed.
~ up again... turn the heat on... back in bed.
~ ok fine... UP... at 7:00... shower, dress, wake and dress the bosy...
~ make coffee and breakfast for the boys and Z... give Percy a snuggle.
~ drive the boys to school and be late for work. sigh.
~ work work work...
~ Survivor tonight weeeee....
~ that ladymeg1 would catch a break... and get a whole let better!!
~ for jenlovefl2003 has a safe trip...
~ to send a small moment of care and love out to caranya... just 'cuz...
~ and to smile at little miss insatiable... er... uniclycommon.

Birthday moments...
First and foremost... and big happy birthday to one beautiful, blue eyed, wonder-girl... er... I mean, misskris, but you knew that. :D Have a wonderful day sugar-kriss... and I hope that you are handed a year of great happiness, accomplishment and ... commitment. I will simply always always have good love for you sugar-kriss... always.
And a very happy birthday out to the kite girl... carefreespirit... Have a lovely birthday sugar and may the year ahead keep you safe, healthy and happy. :D
Happy Birthday to my Maori Mamma... Dear tyketto!!! Have a lovely day sweet and distant mommy. May you pass this year in good health and with the comfort and care of the ones you love.
... and a little happy birthday out to a my space convert... jennie1969. May this wish find you happy and filled with the prospect of a whole lot more happy. :)

Ahahahahahahaha... I was killing myself laughing in the car today as The Current interviewed this "Think Tank" guy and another guy ... both, theoretically educated and important voices on global affairs. Think tank guy had his say... but when the other guy tried to rebuttal ... he was all over him... yelling and refusing to let him speak... and ultimately hung up.
The subject?American extreme rendition... and torture.
The Arrar case is the big headline in Canada righ now... The US extradited this Canadian passport holder to Syria where he was tortured for six months... all because the US was just a weee bit OVERREACTING to stupid information erroneously provided by the Canadian RCMP when Arrar was out of the country. His flight had a connection inside US territory so they snatched him from the Airport and sent him to HELL. Nice, btw.
Think tank guy actually wanted to argue against the point that the US engages in torture. hahahaha...
Seriously... if you actually think the United States of America does not torture prisoners and knowingly send others to torture friendly states for a whole lot more torture... then you have your head firmly wedged in the sand.

I love... love love love... working from home. Sadly, I'm not there today.

k, time to go. Have a great day muchachos y muchachas.

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