Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

ok, so call me clueless...
but I've only just (well, over the lunch hour) figured out the w5 on Lonelygirl15.

Very cool stuff... actually... it's dramatically MORE COOL because it's just an art experiment using the youtube media.
Compelling story... and the girl does her thing really well.
And ... because I'm vain enough to consider myself "into video editing"... what I really dug ... er... dig... is the video transits and the way music is added and taken away.

If... you live on the moon with me... and you've no idea... go to Youtube and search on lonelygirl15. Don't get caught up thinking it's some date being "oh, I want to video blog" ... like I said before... it's actually BETTER when you keep the notion that it's an art thing in mind. :)

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