Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, September 11, 2006

big decisions... well, not life altering... but frigging expensive decisions.
Grass seed is cheap... sod and soil is expensive...
We're going with expensive... but we're going with it as an investment.
Talk me to next summer and we'll see how that "investment" is going. :)

The sod and soil game is being played all this week.
So ... bottom line: I'm shopping for a tractor :D

We made final choices re: cell phones...
A new plan with Rogers is going to kick the ass of our Bell plan to the curb and ... out in front of a speeding truck. See ya!

Gah!!... I am so darn tired!!! you can't imagine.

The sun is out... the sky is clear and Ottawa is just a beautiful place to be right now.
You wish you're city was as comfortable, friendly, CLEAN, as Ottawa.... and right now, you definitely want our weather. :) :D

~ black stripee ftls
~ gray trousers
~ white t and brilliant white dress tommy.
~ dark blue tie...
~ to not fall asleep at my desk. :)
~ up and zoomed the boys to school on my way to work... except I forgot my laptop... so ... zoom home again... and then off to work. :)
~ get some ground under the upcoming decision about home sound equipment. The big ass home theater sound system I have... I don't want to install in my family room... I'm going to set it up in the "home theater room" of course (which hasn't been built yet). So I need something for the family room.
~ to send some warm vibes, good thoughts, and a lot of "go you" kinda moments out to dreamy_thoughts... and enjoy the short hair. :)
~ for sylvidoptera... to be feeling good about listening to her gut. :) Sometimes you just have to go with your gut sugar.
~ and to wish for peace to reach into every heart that finds itself weight down with the gravity of our shared consciousness on this very significant day.

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday ladytara... May you find an endless world of happiness as the year ahead unfolds. You are just so very much a lovely young woman... I am filled with hope and wishes for you. :) Have a lovely day sugar-tara.

Just in case you forgot... or perhaps have had a cast iron kettle carefully slipped over your head and stuffed with cotton for the last month... it's the big anniversary of the Bush Administrations red-letter "we're go'en to war" day. Sadly it's also a day that lives in infamy for the rest of us. Two things happened on September 11, 2001... well, ok... a lot of things happened that day, but two that I wanna focus on ... are that some radical crazy people (RCP for short) pulled off an amazing attack in the very heart and soul of The Dreaded West, and also that some RCPs managed to empower every pathetic, war mongering, power hungry, money grubbing, humanity-not-giving-a-shit-about shaker and mover in the control room on the great big bird of the sea, the good ship USA. I mean, ... it was a bad day... and an indescribably horrible thing that the radicals did when they hijacked those planes and brought about the terrifying deaths of 3000 people. But the fact that they kicked off wars that have killed hundreds of thousands... is just unimaginably bad. Fuckers.

I need a copy of the song... "Beverly Hills" by Weezer. It's not on my fav music server and my little guy is burning up the wires searching for it...

K... busy day... gotta git. :)
see ya.
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