Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, September 6

Sunny morning gives way to ... a cloudy day with the threat of rain.
A good day to sit under a blanket in the living room with a lap top and fixing up broken excel macros.
ar ar ar. :)
Foot feels loads better... but that's the celebrex talking.
We'll see how it feels as the day moves on.

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans
~ a p-z t and tommy to keep me warm.
~ up early, roust the family,
~ feed the boys,
~ kiss the girl
~ and drive the boys to school!
~ go for a foot xray - thank god for celebrex!
~ hit starbucks
~ come home and get busy.
~ work on two projects and make a dozen lunch time phone calls to contractors...
~ dinner? No plan.
~ tonight? Hope to get around to watching V-vendetta.
~ TAPING season premier of Weeds on Show Case Canada. (season 2... OUTSTANDING show!)
~ Tom Cruise would just rip off the human mask and reveal his true alien self.
~ that nbbmom finds her gap toothed old guy... (lol)
~ to send a smile over to whatilove
~ that sylvidoptera ... gets some relief...
~ and to congratulate Bradley on the big "first roll-over"... (Proud mommy! - mzbean)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday wish for amythyst... Crystal, I do hope you have a lovely day and better yet, a wonderful year ahead. You've been a grand friend and I want you to know that no matter what is going on in your life... somewhere out there is someone wishing for your happiness.

[ :: Friends of Sydney :: ]
Did you ever see the based on a true story movie "Lorenzo's Oil"? Phenomenal movie. Beautiful story of a womans courage and commitment to helping her child. This web link, to "friends of Sydney", touches a similar story. Syd's got something and they don't know what it is... Click the "Meet sydney" to get a healthy dose of "oh my gosh, what an adorable baby". The purpose of the web page is to get the word out about her symptoms and circumstance. To quote the web page; "raise awareness about Sydney's condition, as well as provide a place where parents of children with similar diseases could come together and share stories and experiences"
Go and visit.
It's a good thing to do.

Have you noticed how the fear of terrorism has provided a quick and dirty pathway for society to follow in leaping backwards 50 or a hundred years. It has become socially acceptable to be intolerant, bigoted, racist and cruel... just as long as you can chalk it up to you being afraid of a perceived terrorist threat. For example, a orthodox jew being chucked from a plane because the other mindless fleebs on the plane felt threatened by his praying. Or the sickening distrust of anyone remotely brown getting on a plane, let alone sitting with a similarly not-white friend or relative. Yes I know. I remember 9/11. I also remember Oklahoma, and COUNTLESS other incidents that sure make these racist, intolerant chicken shits look stupid. A pox on the airlines for putting up with this crap.

Be proud of every tear.
They herald your humanity.

See ya. :)
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