Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, September 4

My heart often travels back to marthas vineyard. nice place... :)

Morn'en... :)

Nice sleep-in till 9:30 ... this is ideal for me... more than that... I'm a groggy mess. But 9:30 is lovely.
I crept around a silent house for a bit, making coffee and plotting my day.

Our shower thing is "to die for"... with the walk in - no shower curtain concept.
I had a nice long shower then got everyone up.
Coffee... breakfast and television starts the last day of summer vacation.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the school year for the boys.
They're staying at their old school for this next year (it only goes up to grade 6, but the new school - for this neighborhood - goes up to 8) so Geo can finish grade six with his mates... but next year he and Edward head to the new school.
This means ... they're getting driven to school... every day. Suz has sorted her work schedule to let her drive 'em in and pick 'em up, and I'll likely be doing some of the driving-in too.

It's cloudy and threatening to rain... but no big storms or evilness from the heavens.
Oh, and that reminds me... we're gonna have eavestroughing installed next week.

~ blue ftls
~ khaki shorts
~ gray t and a pair of nice warm slippers. (go great with the shorts... and the little black sockettes... bwahahahaha)
~ to have old neighbors over for coffee while kids integrate and play...
~ build one of the new work benches
~ play some of "conquer online" with Geo...
~ no plans for the night... and I need to think of what to make for dinner... hmmmmm?
~ maybe I'll go make a pizza dough.
~ that towanda ... learns to live again... now that all those files have been erased. (sigh. I feel your pain)

Pawleeese. Steve'o'check'out'my'baby'while'I'feed'this'croc Irwin gets killed by a predator? A sting ray?
Sorry but this is called Darwin in action.

Big Brother 7
Dear Erika:
You are such a complete and total moron.
I want so very much to see an interview with you ... a few weeks after the show ends... to see how damaged you are by the events that are being presented to us on national teeeeveeee. You are canon fodder if ever there was such a thing.
Dear Boogie:
How on earth do you sleep at night? I so want you to go.
Dear Will'oh'the'plastic'eyebrow:
Man you are good.
Just an amazing character...
But you will not win.
Dear Janelle:
You are so daft sometimes.
You do the "twisto-arm-scrunchy-face-white-girl-anime" thing... and it looks kinda silly.
You look WORSE when you put on make up...
But I like you just the same... and you're going to win.
win win win win win!!!!

K... time to get busy. :)
see ya.

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