Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, September 1

September 1??? wow.
See that little Monk? I've had him and his brother the creamer... for forty years... :)

Another crazy beautiful day... If the weather sucks where you are... well, you should be here. 'Course, now their all talk'en 'bout the HEAVY rain we're gonna have when the Erensto Sloppy Seconds drip all over us this long weekend. Bummer that... but whatever. I can think of 800 things that need doing indoors this weekend, so it's all good.

The school year kicks in next week... and it's gonna be a trick to see how we manage to get kids to sleep and awake again in a manner... at times that... all lead to getting them to school on time, fed and not blurry eyed. sigh... oh, double sigh!!

Meanwhile... the sun is beating down... I'm stuck in cube land... and I'm swamped with work. ug.

New watch... another timex indiglo expedition thing... is just what I need and I MUST MUST get one this weekend. My 13 year old one on my wrist... has got to go. Five watch strap replacements and two (yeah, only two in 13 years) battery replacements later, this watch really wants to retire.

~ blue stripee ftls
~ blue p-z jeans...
~ red p-z golf shirt...
~ a big p-z tattoo on my ass...
~ er... ok, not... but yeah... :)
~ try to roust the house... get nowhere. Sleepy people. they have three more days to get turned around and on a School Wake Up schedule. :)
~ work work work...
~ book electrician for Tuesday morning...
~ check booking for central vac guy coming tomorrow at 12:30...
~ meet bosses to say "see ya" to a boss that is splitting...
~ no plans for the night... but THERE IS NO END OF WORK to do in the house. sigh. NO END!!!
~ I had a coffee... er... wait, be right back... (tap tap tap)... ok, back. :)
~ that little miss purple heals up well... er... the Notorious Little Miss Purple. :)
~ to congratulate Captain txgirlie...
~ for the rachel-less world of ladymeg1 to be... fine!!!
~ and for sweet lisa... ladyfire to... get through the day and squeeze a few memories to the surface. Time marches on sugar... but I do understand how hard it is.

Birthday moment...
A very happy birthday wish out to a special AGOC* at Berkeley, serraph
You have been a treasured friend for many years... (amazing, inn-it?!!) and you have carried yourself through challenges and accomplishment with nothing less than class every step of the way. You are a rocket girl Jenn... and I'm certain this first year with a new challenge (Berkeley) will be exciting and rewarding. Have a wonderful birthday sugar and I will remember to make small but significant wishes for your happiness ... every time I see a sunrise.

*AGOC - awesome girl on campus

/// edit I forgot about this... :)

[ :: Jack Johnson : Upside Down :: ]

[ :: Rolling Stones : Sympathy for the Debbil :: ]

I can't guarantee that "You Send It Dot Com" is gonna be working proper like... but those are new links for each song.
Download 'em... and listen to the first minute of each.
I spent an hour last night trying to sort out a mash-up between the two... but I'm not good at that yet. :)

funny how with all these lj friends, I still haven't managed to glom onto a sugar-daddy that wants to buy me big expensive gifts. For the record, a 13" black MacBook Laptop is topping the current list of wishes... followed closely by a 42 inch wide screen plasma (well, I'll settle for lcd) television for the family room.

When you sing
You sing for yesterday
But yesterday isn't listening.
Yesterday is busy washing up and going to bed.

Sing for tomorrow.
Let your imagination run.
A crystal clear voice with endless possibilities...
Sing for the time you can still make the most of.

See ya. :)

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