Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, August 31.

See that "x" ... the one in my image tag? yeah... that's the result of still be "suspended". I'm waiting for people to wake up and go to work in ... Wilmington, DE. What's DE? Delaware? GAH!!!! A fatwa on all who work there... May the prophet strike you and all who know you... Burn... Die...

Ahhhh... wait, sorry... I was channeling a radical muslim there for a second... which is, by some definitions, better than channeling a radical catholic... in which case I'd be forcing you to have babies, give away your money, pretend to be stupid (intelligent design? hahaha) and spend my life guided by false guilt.

It's crazy beautiful outside again... but I suspect this is the pre-ernesto calm that will be replaced by water-water-everywhere by the time the long weekend kicks in. It's not nice to mess around with the last long weekend of the summer like that. Bad Ernesto... bad boy.

Wait... account suspended? Horrible weather ruining a long weekend? Gah... I'll be that guy... John Mark Karr is behind all this... or that he would likely confess to his guilt if given a chance... Maybe we could fly him up from Boulder.

~ black stripee ftls
~ blue p-z jeans... comfy but ... a little loose. I'd say bummer, but weighing more would mean not fitting any of my dress pants
~ walk around quietly at home and check on all the sleeping babies... :)
~ work work work...
~ figure out why our "final bill" from hydro for the last house is ... a kings ransom!
~ get hassling webhostingbuzz about the suspended site... (grrrrrr!!!!!!)
~ congratulate wolfiegirl on her five-years-as-a-radio-goddess anniversary... go you nikki-snacks.
~ to smile at nbbmom... just 'cuz she's smiling like a school girl...
~ for thisismostlyme ... to have a relaxing day... :)
~ and that "closing" goes well for angryvixen and circlek... :D

Birthday moment...
Happy Birthday little liquid girl... (lesslyn). I hope you have a wonderful birthday... This will be a most significant year for you lil'sugar... I hope it all goes well and that you find yourself jumping up and down with happiness... over and over and over... :) Peace sugar.

Lots of tears yesterday... I cry like a mad man at weddings... and I can't keep tears from slipping down my cheeks at funerals. Watching my friends 7 year old son taking it so hard... and his 10 year old brother trying desperately to be strong... was enough to tip me over the edge. They were all very close to their grandmother. She was a lovely woman who always made time to share kind words with me. She will be missed... but her influence on the lives of people I love will never fade away. In this way... she is well and truly immortal.
Jewish funerals... are lovely. Hard on your tie collection... but lovely.

Have you ever noticed that the Iranian Flip Chart Guy... their prez... President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad totally looks like Steve Carell with a five o'clock shadow?

[ :: Google Image Bot : President Flip Chart :: ] versus [ :: Google Image Bot: Steve Carell :: ]

After enabling "remote desktop" in my windows xp firewall... checking the port number, and opening that port on my router's firewall... noting my actual WAN ip address (bound inside my router) and setting up a NAT entry to send remote desktop port requests to my desktop... I have total access to my home pc desktop. How fucking cool is that? I mean... it's a totally "wow" moment.

K... time to get busy. Have a wonderful day muchachos y muchachas...

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