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Tuesday, August 29

Ok... I'm close to giving up on the picture thing...I must have snapped six great dorky pictures with goofy faces... and at the last second... clicked this ridiculous picture and split for the office. Sigh. I need to suck it up and just let the goofy pictures stick. I'll try harder. :)

Last night was all about being a captain of industry.
We had a nice dinner... salmon and sausages on the bbq and then it was all about moving this, lifting that... reassembling this (an ikea desk that kinda got broke when it was moved... - went back together just fine with some new holes.... non-swedish holes though, so I just used normal counter-sunk flat head screws and had to stop making all the muppets swedish chef noises. Oh, and I connected a hose finally... (and put up a "hose holder") I sooooo need to hit several construction-site-dumpsters to get a stash of 2x4s etc to work with when I mess with building stuff. Oh, and if I don't build a work bench soon... I may go completely insane.

Our 30 day review is looming....
This is when we present the list of things-that-need-to-be-fixed to the builders.
The list is long. The house is g-g-gorgeous... but the list is long, nevertheless. :)

Oh and I bought a pint of fresh blueberries when I got groceries yesterday.
A handful of those on a bowl of cereal is ... a wonderful thing.

~ blue ftls
~ black cotton cargos
~ black t
~ beige two-tone SSBUDS
~ bang zoom...
~ er... the sound of me going to work when I wake up a little late.
~ two interviews... and a bucket load of messing with Visio diagrams and "Mindjet" maps ... argggg!
~ a little BB7 tonight.
~ put up a mirror tonight...
~ take some pictures of the house... :)
~ I would take the time to buy a new watch. I really seriously need a new watch. I have to slide that up the priority list.
~ to point out that spurbaby is a good girl.... :)
~ that canuckgirl finds some strong arms to help with the moving... and that the day shapes up better than expected... just 'cuz it would be nice... hmmm?
~ for all 20 to fall away from willedit and for you to rock the reunion...
~ and a very special wish for all the happiness in the world to bondas ... and congratulations on the lovely ring. :D

Birthday moments....
Happy birthday Megs... (vespertine_x) and I hope you're business adventures bring you great rewards this year... but more than that... I do hope you are wrapping your snappy little self in some good love. :)
And little miss "building a baseball team"!!! (roaring_woman). Happy birthday Lulu. May you, your main squeeze (David) and all the little members of your own personal ball team... be kept in good health and happy as the year unfolds. Peace in your heart sugar... and have a wonderful birthday.

Mr. "I Killed Her... I did... I really did" hanging out in Boulder Colorado? I'm just say'en... I totally called it on this guy. The worst jail in america is a far cry better than the jail he was headed to in Bangkok, so I'm not surprised he went for whatever excuse would him extradited back to America. But seriously... what a freak!!! (notice how I artfully avoided trying to spell Jon Bennet Ramsey (?) there... - or whatever her name is)

Last night... I had to make a 10:00 pm run to Starbucks... because, well, we didn't have any coffee and that just will not do. So I get there, go inside, place my order and start joking with the worker bees who are messing up the place with the "out with summer - in with winter" theme adjustments to the decor. Part of the mess put a whole bunch of yummi looking little chocolates on the counter. I pick one up and ask... how much? Oh my's like $0.57 for this little one-bite choco thing. I still want it... but it's expensive. So what do I do? I embrace the force, and use my Jedi Mind Control. No really... she's all about this frenzied search of the key pad and saying that she's looking for the code for the one-bite-chocolate thing... and I say "You don't need to find it... you just want me to have it for free"... and she's "Yeah... you're right." and then stops looking for the key.
Pretty darn cool... I'll have to try that at the bank later.

Ok... time to go.
... and, you know... may the force... er... never mind. :)
hahahaha... :D

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