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Face Cheese...

Happy Hop Hop Day...

um... cam's on.

My slumber was interrupted this morning at 9:30 (my day to sleep in...) with the info that antique was about to begin.. so I woke up, arranged for my sis in-law to watch the kids and we went to this Antique show downtown... Frigging mountains of jewelry - I guess you'd really have to know what was what to shop that stuff... But the furniture... oh, how 'bout a 100 year old piece of total crap (looked about ready to fall apart) little three board, center support step stool... paint falling off it... for $145????

Well we looked at dinning room sets, chairs and tables... We walked around one corner and there it was... right beside the one we'd buy if we could afford two... HA! but it was really expensive... I mean a big-giant stupid looking particle board coffee table at The Brick is $400 and change and if you get fancy? $600...

This was more but it was a real table, made by "Baker" in Grand Rapids, Mich. So the seller is the "restoration" company / lady (same thing) and she chats us up a bit...
We thank her go for a walk and come back. I low ball her and she comes back with "Oh... well we have nothing to talk about... " and walks to her desk to get a calculator and proceeds to talk ... ? haha..
"I can do this... after tax it's blah blah and I will take $50 off that. But that is all I can do, after that it begins to cost me money to let you buy it..."
Ok, we say and suggest that we need to walk about a bit...
We leave and talk over bagels and coffee... did you know that if you eat a bagel with nice warm cream cheese on it, you will prol'y not feel it if you get a smear of it on your cheek? Which will dry, peel back, and begin looking truly and remarkably horrendous - like something from a movie moster makeup kit... Had to pick a little face cheese later.

we drive to three other antiques shops and look around... we found some great chairs but I convinced Z to wait on those... there'll always be chairs and this show is over today (the table). Agreeing that I shouldn't go on future antique shopping excursions (:D) we go back to the show ... it's 20 minutes before closing...
The lady see's us eyeballing the table again and agrees to knock another $75 off (It's costing her a bunch to sell it to us... LOL) and we buy it.


this is an "inlay" of satin wood and ebony...

and a satin wood inlay around the top (and a drawer!)

It's kinda small (exactly what we wanted!).

Absence of Kids while shopping... greatly increases the likelihood of finding what you're looking for.


We gathered up the kiddies and came home to prep for Easter at my units house... the whole gang was there... my brother, his ex wife (who still attends all family functions - and we're all happy about it - They are total freaks of nature, how they stay such good friends after they separated... Birthday at his house had him, his ex, his new date and us... oh, and his kids) their kids, my sis, parents, Z and our boiz (11 of us).

Fantastic meal and good convo's. We're home now and chill'en. No X-Files tonight! (rats).

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