Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, August 21

Ok... sunshine again. Rampant blue sky... torrential downpour of ... brilliant sunshine.
sucks to be here... :)

However... I'm sick like dog... must return to bed.
I've been up long 'nuf to take out the garbage and write emails to bosses and share gory details of an infected head.
Somehow "I'm sick... I wont be in" just didn't sound "detailee" enough, so I tossed in words like "throat" and "infected".

~ pj pants
~ white sleepy-t.
~ write letters to my boss and client boss... and explain my absence... sigh
~ wait for clinic to open...
~ go to clinic
~ come home... and die.
~ there weren't bright red and remarkably sore "zones" on the roof of my mouth stretching down the back of my throat. :( :( :(******** (so sore, it's just stupid)

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday compwizrd!! I hope you have a great day Mike... perhaps a little "social moment" with co-workers? What ever happens... May the year ahead keep you in good health and bring you great fortune... and thanks for hanging in all this time. :)

Oh man... I have sooo much crap to buy. I have to buy a "sump pump backup pump and battery" thing... a few hundred. (ouch)
I gotta start searching hard for a second hand "generator" ... I want enough juice to run the furnace and pumps when the main power fails in the dead of winter.
And then there's the tools.
Nothing like a big move like this to make me realize I need ... a) a better level... b) a t-square... c) a dozen other tools...
Oh, and a tool bench would be nice... but that may have to wait till I can clear out the garage. ;)
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