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Move day!!!

House Update!!

Move Day

August 9, 2006!

Moving day was amazing.
We went to bed at 4:00 am... expecting the movers to show up at 8:30. They showed up at 7:30. OMG was I a bag of cookies.
I had to literally ask this gang of brawny 20 year olds to "hold on for a second while get my balance... " (weave weaver weave)

They had us moved into the truck, to the new place, and out of the truck ... into the house, by 5:00.
Suz and I worked our collective buns off getting last minute stuff sorted out...
We gave our existing appliances to relatives... and ended up living out of a cooler with melting ice for two days.

Oh... and we totally gave Bell Canada the boot. (see below)

[ :: the video blog entry ... :: ]

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~ The full history of the video blog entries...
~ a fancy spancy gallery... loaded with month by month building pictures

What an amazing and wonderful adventure this last year has been... from vacant lot... to our dream home.
Now I have to make a "tour of our new home" video and photo entry... :D

Thanks for sharing this with me.


Instead of Bell...
We ditched our Sat Dish, pvr, and second sat decoder, and Rogers - eager to please - gave us a HD Pvr, HD package (we don't even own a HD tv yet), two other digital boxes, 5 meg high speed, and ... the really big deal... "the rogers home phone". All excellent, discounted deals...
Tres cool. Our home phones all stay the same... the phone line goes into the phone modem and comes out as co-ax. The co-ax joins up with the rest of the cable system and leaves... The phone lines splits off to bell lines at the first junction and voila. No bell connection in this house at all. Take that you slimy deveeel. And you can take your $175 "new home hook up" fee and put it in your front pocket with the warm gummy bears!

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