Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, August 20

So a rainy day? wow.
I saw a humming bird out my office window.

There is an evil vile terrible beast living in my nose.... and he wont fuck off and die already. sigh.
Today is just a "it's all catching up with me" kinda day... I feel like crap and I pray for better health.
It'll come... I know. I just need to rest a bit. :)
So I'm taking today off. :)

~ black ftls
~ pj pants
~ grey t.
~ being sick all day. No seriously... this blows... as does my nose. I've been sinus sore, sinus infected, head cold'ish for three solid weeks... and I'm totally sick of it. ahhhhhhhhh!
~ unpack another box... (we still have boxes piled all over ... well, not in the living areas... but the office, the basement, etc...)
~ watch BB tonight.
~ that misha... (willedit) is careful on those blades!!!! believe me... I know how much it hurts to land.
~ that little miss bonnie... er... bondas... manages to avoid a big ol'head ache today. :)
~ to remind you all that njtech is a great journal to have on your fl... there's always something that makes you glad you visited. :)
~ to just smile over at sexsatan04... for no particular reason...
~ and sending a little love out to bratt72... just 'cuz.

We watched Flight Plan last night... all of us. It was kinda scary for the boys... but we always watch the "featureettes" after "emotionally powerful" movies and ... it seems to help cut the "scary movie" factor down to size. ;)

I'll do a "final" house update ... when we're settled... but I'm working on a "move day" house update... :)
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