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Wednesday, August 16

Still on the "BLAST FROM THE PAST" morning pictures.
Our "home office" is still a giant pile of boxes and unassembled desks... sigh. I'll get there. :)

Things that are not good;
~ no hood fan up yet... wall studs are not in the right place... so it's mcgyver time...
~ stove not "pushed all the way in" yet... gas line on stove bumps into the power plug on the wall... gas guy is coming tonight to fix!!
~ a 30 x 32 inch sheet of stainless steel... turns a wall into a shiny guillotine, when it's not properly secured...
~ our fridge and wall oven have doors that interfere with one another... It's way bad. May have to replace the oven with one that has a smaller handle.
Things that are good;
~ I love love love love love our shower (although they have to re-tile the floor to correct a "grade" problem...)
~ the drive into work... is zero... ZERO problem. The new distance... totally misses any and all "rush hour" volume so I hit traffic at about the same time as I used to. :)
~ It's still sunshiny and glorious outside.

~ black ftls
~ black cotton cargoes
~ cream t
~ weirdness green SSBUDS
~ work ...
~ meet with Jay to talk about the problem with the studs in the wall and the range hood.
~ write about BB7 at lunch? maybe... we'll see if the gods smile on me. :)
~ tackle office re-building tonight!!!
~ that my friend serpah, gets his electrified self an outlet before he... explodes. :)
~ to send some squeezes to lindalee_... just 'cuz.
~ that no doesn't't fall off the roof at work.
~ that darl'en sugar-ray (raylenetaskoski) enjoyed PDAG*

A very happy birthday wish out to ladytess... although she's on the absent list. So I'll wish for her to be enjoying her days and nights and finding love in all the right places.

On the drive home, I pass a church with a sign on it's front lawn that reads "God is Pro-Life".

God is pro-life.
I'm pro-choice.
I'm real...
God is an imaginary friend.
Albeit, one seriously popular and scary-as-hell imaginary friend.
However... "Real" always trumps "make believe".

Does anyone... ever... say to themselves "I look beautiful"?
I mean... it's really a word that is given away,
not a word that you open up and use on yourself.
Which is exactly the difference between "beautiful" and a snickers bar.

See ya. :)

*PDAG : post dump after glow.

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